Business Spotlight: Brooktree Health Services

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Brooktree Health Services is a premier, outpatient drug and alcohol recovery program. The program offers an individualized, holistic treatment program rooted in the 12-step principles.

Brooktree Health Services prepares you, or someone you love, for a long-term, sober lifestyle utilizing both individual and group counseling sessions, family therapy and the development of a sober support system. Through the program, clients will learn or re-learn daily living skills in a sober living environment.

Addiction knows no socio-economic boundaries. The reasons for substance abuse are many and varied, including peer pressure, experimentation, an escape from reality, stress and pressure or trying to dull the pain of a traumatic experience. Regardless of the reason, substance abuse, often coupled with issues such as depression or anxiety, can lead to attempts to self-medicate, ultimately resulting in the loss of control and the disease taking over.

If you have been taken over by the disease of addiction, you are among the countless victims of this global epidemic.

The road to recovery begins with a clinical assessment to determine the level of care the client may require.

Brooktree Health Services offers three levels of care in an individualized and customized program, specific to the needs of the each client:

  • Outpatient Care
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization

If, at the initial assessment, it is determined that hospitalization or another level of care is required, the staff at Brooktree Health Services will make sure you receive the appropriate help and care through one of their partners.

For example, in addition to treatment, Brooktree Health Services partners with Greater Pennsylvania Sober Living to provide complimentary housing for both partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient clients. Staffed 24-hours a day, their staff of highly skilled and dedicated professionals create a therapeutic and supportive environment where individuals can feel safe and comfortable enough to begin their road to recovery.

Brooktree Health Services is conveniently located at 6500 Brooktree Road in Wexford. To learn more about Brooktree Health Services and all they have to offer, visit or call (724) 935-0460.