Your Body’s Prettiest Skirts


By Suzanne Mauro, AICI 

There’s something about a skirt. It not only embraces our femininity, but there’s a style out there for every facet of our personality. The best thing about wearing a skirt is how long and shapely it can make your legs appear.
Here’s my style tips on choosing your body’s prettiest skirts & the perfect length.
If you are petite:  Try a tapered straight skirt or a subtle A-line. Make sure your length hovers around the knee. Too long or too short, and the skirt can make you appear even shorter. An off-center slit can make your legs look longer.  If you love wearing a maxi skirt, opt for a slimmer style to avoid an overbearing appearance.
If you are curvy:  The most flattering skirts are subtly tapered, A-line and wrap skirts at knee or ankle length. Look for vertical details, like a center pleat or stitching, it can elongate your silhouette.  If you love a pencil skirt, try a pencil skirt with a side slit to draw attention to your legs and away from your midsection.
If you are tall and broad-shouldered:  A perfect skirt for you is one that is flared, it will help balance your body. Your skirt should balance your body, do not choose straight skirts or those that are too short, both will simply emphasize your broad shoulders.
If you are boy-shaped:  Go for a body-hugging style that creates curves or choose slanted pockets to add shape to slim hips. A drop waist with pleats is always going to work for your shape as well or go for a pencil skirt with a peplum to help create the illusion of a curvier physique. 
Finding your perfect length:  The one thing that should determine the length of the skirt is that you choose it for your legs. So tune out whatever is happening on the runways and what the trends are. There is a simple rule, If you’ve got great legs, show ’em.  Hem length is one place where an inch can make the difference between drop-dead and dowdy. To find the perfect length, experiment. Next time you are shopping, try on several different lengths. When you find one that makes your legs appear lean, take note of where the hem falls. Or do your experimenting at home. Wrap yourself in a sarong and slowly pull it up until the hem hits a point that looks great. When you find the point, measure the skirt’s length.
The most flattering skirt fabrics for a tailored style are: mid-weight fabrics, such as wool crepe, worsted wool, lightweight gabardine, tweed, twill, linen, brushed cotton, denim and silk suiting.  The most flattering skirt fabrics for a style that needs more drape are: wool crepe, rayon, silk tweed and silk crepe de chine. 
It’s so easy to feel pretty in a skirt that twirls and sometimes all an outfit needs to be perfect is something that makes you feel pretty.  Happy skirt shopping, ladies.