St. Joseph High School

St Joe_NicholsKlawinskiLoperfito_Lab

From its founding in 1915, Saint Joseph High School has maintained a reputation for academic excellence within a family-like environment to become a regional asset, serving students from 2 Catholic Dioceses, 46 parishes, 4 counties, and 21 public school districts. Located approximately 20 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, SJHS is easily

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Traveling Down Under with Hannah Hale

Hale_koalaBy: Paula Green

G’day Mate!  We are about to introduce you a 16-year old Seneca Valley Senior High School student who recently returned from an once-in-a-lifetime adventure

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Tips for tastefully showcasing your Legs

LegsBy Kelly Smith

The heat is still on so use it to your advantage and show some skin!  We still have a good 6 weeks or so of summer sun in which to frolic and everyone knows frolicking just looks and feels better with a great pair of legs!  You don’t need to have a flawless set of gams to enjoy the latest styles that summer has to offer but you do need to know a few tricks of trade, so to speak.  Read on if you want to get a “leg up” on the remainder of summer!

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