The Art Expose: It’s Truly One-of-a-Kind

The Art Expose is a genuinely unique, boutique shopping experience. “The kind of art boutique that you look for and are lucky to find when you are on vacation, is now available right here in the Village of Wexford,” explains owner and founder Carolyn Dorazio.   The shop contains four rooms with different themes. 

The renovated, 100-year-old farmhouse is filled with original and distinctive, hand-crafted artwork and fashion accessories created by hundreds of artisans from destinations around the world including locally here in Western Pennsylvania, throughout the continental United States including but not limited to New Mexico, South Carolina, Michigan, Vermont and Ohio, and around the world from such exotic locales as Europe, Haiti, Jamaica and Madagascar.  Many of our island crafts have a social mission intending to assist the poor, underprivileged and women in particular!

“Unlike a gallery, we offer hand-crafted art of various media and ‘art-wear’ like delicate shawls and crystal earrings, all completely original and one-of-a-kind,” continues Dorazio.  “In addition to oil paintings, we also offer artwork in hand-blown glass, ceramics, photography and true, artist-quality porcelain and hand-made knitted scarves, hats and handbags and much, much more.”  There is silk lamps from New Mexico and stainless steel baskets from New York City!

The Art Expose boutique was inspired by Ms. Dorazio’s own unique collection from her many travels and her appreciation for finding and collecting high-quality items. “We are proud to bring this kind of unique shopping experience to the area, where people have a true appreciation for the arts as evidenced by our eclectic neighborhoods and Cultural District.  Local artisans are spawned annually from the various schools of higher education in Pittsburgh and we like to represent as many as we can!”

Located at 120 Church Road Wexford, The Art Expose is conveniently accessible from route-19, route-910 and I-79 with plenty of available parking for an absolutely delightful, shopping excursion.

To learn more about The Art Expose and their up-coming initiative to showcase more Pittsburgh-based artists, visit or on Facebook or call (724) 900-6325.  Hours are Tuesday through Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-4.  Stop in and use your 20% off coupon.