“The Art of it All”

By: Paula Green 

         Art of it All Reliable, skillful and detail-oriented are just a few of the qualities to look for when searching for a good seamstress.   They must also be able to visualize a finished product, which requires a solid imagination and plenty of creativity. Bessie Gillespie, owner of “The Art of it All”, knows that it is important to possess these traits when tailoring to your customer’s needs.
        Gillespie operates a seamstress business where “sewing is just for you!”  She sews everything from a button to suits and jeans, to alterations and she loves to build customized clothing, as well.  She also does bridesmaid’s gowns and wedding dresses.  She is particularly busy during Homecoming and prom season when there is an abundance of formal wear that needs fitted for that special occasion.
        “I have been sewing on and off all of my life.   I was living in Saxonburg where I sewed customized Renaissance clothing, and that is basically what got me started as a business. I relocated to Cranberry Township and reopened my seamstress business.
        “Sewing is such a diverse occupation.  Clothing designs have definitely grown to be more complicated over the years.  Part of the challenge of altering some clothing is the accessories, such as sequences, beading and even feathers.  You have to work around these types of detailing, but I really enjoy doing it,” Gillespie said. She loves working to make a custom gown with the help of a retained “pattern queen” seamstress friend and long time sewer of theater garb.
           Gillespie also offers a professional stylist and personal shopper service. A client can have a professional assistant while shopping and know what shape, color and style is best for their individual needs.        
          She runs her sewing shop by appointment only and her turn-around time runs anywhere from ten to 12 days.  For a nominal fee, she also offers an emergency service.
        “When a customer comes to my place, I give them very personalized attention.  I meet with them to carefully listen to their needs, they already know what they have in mind, it is my job to create that for them,” Gillespie added. She does sewing to get a person through their day from jeans to black tie affairs.
          Gillespie learned her sewing skills from observing other skilled seamstresses. She particularly enjoys doing contract work where she is able to be creative and design clothing.
          So if you are interested in having Bessie sew for you, give her a call today at “The Art of it All,” (724) 272-9746.