Angels By Your Side Help the Grief-Stricken in Our Community

The Greatest Good Is What We Do for One Another – Mother Teresa 

The founding members of Angels By Your Side Pgh know what it’s like to lose someone they love and how difficult it is to function after such a great loss.  Traci Kovacic, Karen Urschler, Gina Mercuri, all north hills residents, are among the team of founding members. 

“When my brother Mike died suddenly, we were devastated. He left behind my sister-in-law, Traci, and two young children. We remember, though, how much family and friends supported us all through such a difficult time,” said Karen Urschler.  

Through attending The Caring Place in Warrendale, which is a center designed to help grieving children and families, Traci realized that not everyone who experienced a loss had the support network she did.   

Understanding that some of the day-to-day tasks can seem unbearable during this difficult time, and larger tasks seem impossible.  Traci hoped to help.  After some thinking, she rounded up Karen, Gina Mercuri, and other friends and family. Together they helped freshen up a new friend’s home to be put up for sale. It was then that the seed for Angels By Your Side was planted. 

Joseph Guzzetti was Mike’s best friend, and he, too, passed away at a young age. His family sought to keep his memory alive by holding the annual “Race for Joe.” In 2018, the 10th year of the race, his family decided it would be the last. However, they, as well as Traci, Karen, and friends, like Mercuri, wanted to do something to continue to celebrate their loved ones memories and also find a way to help others experiencing devastating loss. Last winter, Angels By Your Side PGH was officially born. 

Angels By Your Side Pgh was created to provide assistance to families in the community who have experienced loss.  There are a bevy of tasks that may seem impossible after the death of a loved one; house cleaning, yard work, decorating for the holidays, preparing for move, and the list goes on and on. Using the funds from our first family picnic and fundraiser, Angels By Your Side has helped several area families by providing these services among others.  

Angels By Your Side’s efforts are only limited by your generosity. “We raise funds through our Annual Family Picnic in April, but it has been postponed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. But we willingly accept donations and are eager to work with local contractors and professionals to provide services,” said Karen. “We understand what these people are going through, and we are here to help.” 

For more information on Angels By Your Side, visit the website at: 

    By Janice Lane Palko