An Economics Class Inspired Seneca Valley Seniors to Start Their Own Business, Little Twists 

 Four seniors at Seneca Valley High School took an Economics class that inspired them to embrace their entrepreneurial skills outside the classroom, which led to creating an evolving business venture, Little Twists. As a result, seniors Declan Cygnarowicz, Aidan Drake, Thai Nguyen and Joel Berringer placed first in presentation and second overall at the Westminster College Entrepreneurial Center Scholastic Contest.  

Students shared their business plan in this intrapreneurial/entrepreneurial competition by presenting how they could sell a chicken sandwich idea to Five Guys Burgers and Fries. They received grants to Westminster College if they choose to attend, and they also got a plaque. 

These students were the first semester “Shark Tank” winners from Ms. Rebekah Grinnen’s Economics class, which aims to help young entrepreneurs make their big ideas a reality. Their company, Little Twists, started by selling specialty dips for pretzels. Then, with the profits they earned from selling specialty dips, they donated all their proceeds to the Seneca Valley CBVT program (Community Based Vocational Training) and the SV No Cost to Shop.   

After the idea of placing their logos on shirts, the students decided to change their business model into clothing options and try their hand at eCommerce. Their goal was to make clothing for people to wear to express themselves. They make creative designs that are different and fun to wear day-to-day and on the golf course. To date, Little Twists has a combined gross income of over $1,000, and their profits are currently going toward branding and growing their business. 

When asked how this project has impacted their future, they said, “We feel it has taught us a lot about ecommerce and selling products. It has also helped us grow as individuals by talking to manufacturers and influencers to grow our brand. Before this project, we did not have intentions of having our own business, but now we hope to continue Little Twists for a long time in hopes to be a successful brand.” These graduating seniors will all be going to different colleges in the fall. Still, they plan to have Zoom calls to continue formulating ideas and opportunities that will grow their business. 

“I am proud to have the opportunity to facilitate the deeper interests of students who find a passion and curiosity in unexpected places.  It is amazing to watch these students problem-solve and grow from their experiences.  All teachers see potential in their students and hope for the best when they enter the “real world.”  However, it is a rare and fantastic occasion to witness their potential come to fruition before graduating.  I am elated that Little Twists will continue their entrepreneurial adventure into their college years,” said Ms. Rebekah Grinnen, Seneca Valley Senior High School Social Studies teacher. Learn more about Little Twists by visiting