Health and Wellness Spotlight Amorose Family Chiropractic

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Be Happy. Be Healthy. Thrive

Amorose Family Chiropractic was founded by the husband and wife team of Drs. Kelly and Lucas Amorose who are dedicated to the health and well-being of the entire family. From taking care of mother and child during pregnancy to help promote a healthy and nurturing environment to all subsequent ages and through to taking care of grandparents, the Amorose’s focus is on both healing and maintaining the body powerful.

Schooled at both Slippery Rock University and Life University in Marietta, Georgia Drs. Kelly and Lucas Amorose are up-to-date on all the most innovative and latest techniques in chiropractic for the entire family, including the use of the non-aggressive “Activator” methodology. “You will never hear the loud pop or crack associated with some chiropractic adjustments,” explains Dr. Kelly Amorose. “Instead, our specific techniques and the use of the hand-held Activator is a more gentle experience for improved function.”

In addition, Amorose Family Chiropractic also focuses on children with special needs including autism, ADHD and children struggling with physical difficulties. Treatments have shown miraculous results in many cases and helping families is truly the heart and soul of the practice. “Everyone experiences stresses in their everyday life,” continues Dr. Kelly. “We consider those stresses, how they affect the body and then strengthen the body to cope with those stresses.”

According to patient Andie W, “My 3 year old and I have been seeing Dr. Kelly and Dr. Lucas in Atlanta for some time and we adore them. They have the most inviting personalities and make such a good team. They genuinely care about their patients and take the time to educate and treat them. PA is very lucky to have them!”

Amorose Family Chiropractic has innovative payment programs to make chiropractic care affordable for the entire family.  For example, you can purchase packages for care, saving you a lot of money while being treated during your acute phase of care. After you are in a more stable health condition, there are additional payment options available that allow you to visit the office as needed to keep the progress you’ve already made, much like a gym membership.  This allows you and your family to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a low monthly fee.

Amorose Family Chiropractic is conveniently located at 8160 Perry Highway in McCandless. To learn more, feel free to drop by, call (412) 847-8946 or visit their website at Let Drs. Kelly and Lucas Amorose take care of you and every member of your family.