Adventures in Training with a Purpose 

By Paula Green 

In 2015, former Pittsburgh Steeler and four-time Super Bowl champion Jon Kolb founded Adventures in Training with a Purpose (ATP). This nonprofit organization is focused on helping those most in need to improve their quality of life through an adventure of purposeful, physical training. 

One group that ATP works closely with is military veterans and first responders suffering both physically and mentally. They have a special division geared towards service members and first responders called Aurelius, which named after the Roman philosopher Marcus Aurelius. According to ATP’s executive director, Caleb Kolb, “We offer a 12-week program for veterans and first responders. Part of the program concentrates on functional training and complex movement patterns. Another portion is ‘adventures’ where we venture outdoors. For the outdoor portion, we offer a variety of activities; some are on a small scale such a bonfire or hiking in North Park or McConnell’s Mill, to whitewater sports. Then we offer larger scale events like going to the Grand Canyon or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Once the vets graduate from the 12-week program, they are welcome to come back to ATP anytime and utilize our facility.” 

“We are pleased to be in a partnership with Fortis Future. Fortis has certified professionals who assist clients with mental health, neuroscience and regenerative medicine. Fortis is located in the same office as ATP,” said Caleb. So together, ATP and Fortis integrate a physical functional wellness program to help restore quality of life and improve mental well-being. 

“The beauty of having ATP and Fortis together in one office is clients have the benefit of having a one-stop shop, and the movement builds the mind. When we start with clients and do an assessment, we have them set a goal, and no goal is too small” said Caleb’s wife Sarah Kolb, who serves as ATP’s director of development and operations. 

“We set up a schedule for each client that works best for their needs. We have specialized equipment that helps with physical recovery. One piece that is beneficial is our HydroWorx tank. The aquatic water helps the person with their mobility. Jon’s former teammate Tunch Ilkin enjoyed used the HydroWorks; it helped him with battle of ALS. Since we recently lost him, we now refer to the HydroWorks tank as the “Tunch tank,” said Sarah.         

In addition to helping disabled veterans, ATP works with chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s disease; boxing is a big part of their therapy. We also work with patients that have MS, ALS, strokes and paralyzed individuals. Adventures in Training with a Purpose is located at 7000 Stonewood Drive, Suite 115A, in Wexford, which serves as their headquarters. They also have two other locations at the First Assembly of God Church in Hermitage, and the YMCA of Youngtown in Youngstown, Ohio. For more information on their facility, visit their website at