Accessorize Your Summer

July '13 NC web banner-2-1By Kelly Smith

It’s getting hot out there but please, don’t take off all your clothes!  Instead, add to them with the seasons’ hottest (and coolest) accessories.  Nothing beats a cute and casual summer outfit that is topped-off with just the right accessories.  From strappy sandals to stylish shades to floppy hats and flowy scarves, let the accessorizing begin! 

Jewelry— whether you choose to glimmer in gold or shine in silver, these are two precious metals that are summer must-haves.  Another fun trend is “beachy baubles”.  Sparkly faux crystals in earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets can be worn with just about anything.  Say “hello” to summer by catching the sun’s rays in one of these captivating crystals by throwing back a sparkly show for all to enjoy! 

 Hats— Keep in mind that floppy hats offer more than just fashion, they shade your delicate face and skin from harmful UV rays, so I say always go for the never-fail floppy.  To make sure you stand out, choose something fun such as stripes or polka-dots. Ribbons adorning the center will be seen in every color of the rainbow such as neon and floral.  But don’t settle for just floppy, you can get your fashion on just as well in a feminine fedora, a cute little bowler-style, or the ever-beachy panama.

 Sandals— Nothing changes the tone of a dress like a fabulous pair of sandals!  Gladiators are still going strong and look best with shorter styles.  If you’re going out for an evening wearing your maxi dress, don’t forget the flip-flops but please make sure that they are adorned with something, such as beads, flower appliqués, glitter or gem stones.  Basically, wear anything except for plain rubber “beach-worn” flip-flops or your whole look may turn out to be just that: a flop.  And always remember that nothing says “I care about my appearance” more than a perfectly polished pedicure!

 Handbags— Finding the perfect summer / beach / vacation handbag comes easy for most of us because it’s always fun to see the new styles and colors.  However, even the most seasoned purse aficionados can become dumbfounded on these occasions.  So what’s a girl to do in such a dilemma? Well, to keep things simple, you’ll want to choose a larger handbag for daytime and keep the cute smaller ones for evenings out.  I like to carry a small wristlet in my larger daytime bag for quick trips into stores or running errands.  It’s much bigger than a wallet, yet still holds several necessary items.  Daytime tote bags have come a long way and can be both stylish and functional.  Canvas will be your best bet while water resistant poly or vinyl keeps things practical, yet still manage to make a stylish impact.

 Other fun little things include:  hair bands, scarves, belts, colorful watches and wrist bangles.  Large shades with a slicked back pony tail hides a make-up free face during a harried morning. Since we all wear less this time of year, summer is one of the best times  to have fun with color and amp up your style by using accessories. The “less-is-more” approach can be thrown into the closet with your winter coat for the duration of summer- just don’t forget where you put it because you’ll need it in a few months!