Accelerated Orthodontics Now Available at Grady, Kastner and Gornick

      Great news for orthodontics patients – there is now a device available that can help cut your orthodontic treatment time in half.  Even better news, this device called AcceleDent Aura is available at Grady, Kastner and Gornick (GKG) Orthodontics, 1000 Brooktree Rd, Suite 200 in Wexford.  This is a remarkable and revolutionary device according to the practices’ three orthodontists – Drs. John Grady, Dan Kastner and Matt Gornick.

AcceleDent Aura is a hands-free appliance that is used for only 20 minutes per day.  The patient lightly closes his/her teeth down on a mouthpiece which generates small vibrations (or micro-pulses).  This exclusive Softpulse Technology accelerates tooth movement by stimulating bone remodeling at the cellular level.  It can reduce treatment time up to 50%, while at the same time significantly reducing discomfort associated with Invisalign and braces.

The technology and science behind AcceleDent Aura has been used in the medical field for over 20 years and has been changing the orthodontic experience in patients around the world since 2009.  AcceleDent Aura is a Class II Medical device approved by the FDA, thus it is proven safe and effective.  The force of vibration is extremely light, up to 8 times less than an average rotary toothbrush.

Accelerated orthodontics with AcceleDent Aura is a win-win solution for both patients and orthodontists.  “It is a great option for those who want more comfort and faster treatment time with no compromise in result!”  AcceleDent works well with both Invisalign, braces and lingual braces,” said Dr. Grady.

GKG Orthodontics has always been dedicated to providing their patients with the best and current treatment options available.  According to Dr. Kastner, AcceleDent Aura was introduced to their practice as a result of a patient’s need. “The first patient I used AcceleDent on was an adult Invisalign patient a few years ago who had two years of treatment proposed.  It was a very difficult case.  He asked me if there was any way to shorten his treatment time and I suggested AcceleDent. He achieved his great result in half the time and I began using AcceleDent more going forward.”

Patients are really pleased with the ease and the positive results of this innovative orthodontic instrument.  Eric, a current AcceleDent patient, had this to say – “I had an unusual bite and did not receive treatment when I was younger.  For my long-term health, it was important that I address this issue.  But as a college student who likes to play basketball, I didn’t want my appearance to be affected for a long period of time or my ability to play basketball to be hampered by invasive procedures.  Learning that my treatment would speed-up significantly using AcceleDent Aura made the decision to use it a no-brainer for me. AcceleDent has definitely made my treatment much faster and more comfortable!”

“A number of products and companies advertise straight teeth in six months, but do not deliver comprehensive results. Acceledent Aura allows me as an orthodontist to deliver the expert result you expect, along with an abbreviated treatment time,” commented Dr. Gornick. For more information on AcceleDent Aura, visit the Grady, Kastner & Gornick website at or call (724) 935-9222.