A little bit of paint. A little bit of wine. A whole lot of fun!

That’s the experience studio owner Amanda Lee wanted to bring to the Wexford/North Hills area when she opened Painting with a Twist- Pittsburgh-North in November 2014.

Lee was looking for a fun activity she could enjoy with her friend and fell in love when she came across Painting with a Twist.

“Art has always been a passion of mine and something that I’ve always appreciated, so marrying a business opportunity with something I was naturally interested in seemed like a great idea,” Lee said.

Lee took the idea to her brother, Matt, and they have been working to build the studio together ever since.

“One of the best parts of starting this business has been being able to work with my brother every day,” Lee said. “We couldn’t have a better manager and the guests just love him.”

Painting with a Twist pairs unique artwork with step-by-step instruction by a local artist. Guests are encouraged to bring friends, family, wine, snacks, whatever makes them feel comfortable. All painting supplies and materials are provided, including the canvas that guests take home at the end of the night with their one-of-a-kind artwork. The artwork is designed with guests in mind, so anyone from a novice painter to an expert can create a beautiful piece.

“There’s nothing that brings me greater happiness than to see people having fun or surprise themselves, and that’s what our classes are designed to do,” Lee said. “We always laugh when people come in and say they can’t even draw a stick figure – luckily we don’t do that here. You’ll be surprised at how well you’ll do!”

At Painting with a Twist- Pittsburgh-North, the staff of 10 all have artistic backgrounds, but not all are professionally trained.

“Every person brings something different to the studio and that is what makes our location so amazing,” Lee said. “I don’t even like to use the word staff, they really are my family.”

One of Lee’s favorite parts of the business is being able to employ local artists and provide them with a viable position where they can explore their creativity and help others to do so.

“I really do believe the artists have as much fun as the guests,” she said.

In addition to the daily classes in the studio, Painting with a Twist- Pittsburgh-North also hosts many types of groups and parties, from birthdays and bachelorette parties to corporate events and team building. PPG has been in the studio several times for manager training and team building activities.

“We really enjoy seeing groups come in here, especially coworkers, and leave feeling more like a team,” Lee said. “They can cut loose and have fun together, maybe discover something new about each other.”

They also often take their artists and artwork on the road to corporate meeting rooms, bars, restaurants and fire halls for groups of 20 to 120.  Artist Manager Jaison Schafer has managed off-sites with groups as large as 160 guests.

“Art in any form is a chance to clear your head and tap into that creative side of yourself,” Shafer said. “It’s a great feeling and as an instructor, it’s nice to be able to share that with others.”

Painting with a Twist Pittsburgh-North will be hosting summer camps starting in June with artwork designed for kids of all ages. They will also be featuring theme nights on weekends starting in June such as Pajama Party, 80s Night, and Bob Ross Night. We see disco dry breaks in your future!

For more information on Painting with a Twist- Pittsburgh-North, please visit www.paintingwithatwist.com/pittsburgh-north/ or call (724) 759-7897.