A Healthy Transformation…….

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By: Paula Green

      We first introduced you to 39 year-old, Joe Valenza of Wexford as our Mover & Shaker of the Month in the March issue of Northern Connection.  Joe and his family – wife Christina and their two children Giuseppe and Sienna moved to Pittsburgh from New York in 2011.

      It was during the Memorial Day weekend of May 2012 that the Valenza family had the pleasure of venturing to Kennywood Amusement Park for the first time.  That simple outing was literally a life changing experience for Joe.

      He and Giuseppe decided to ride an old time park favorite – the Kangaroo.  “We sat in the ride.  When it came time to secure the bar across the midsection, ours wouldn’t close.  The ride attendant used extreme force to snap the bar into place.  As the ride began my son looked at me and asked what was wrong?  I lied and said I was nervous about the ride.  I was in pain and embarrassed from the bar closing incident.  It made me realize that I gained weight and that I almost got kicked off the ride for being too fat,” Joe said.

     The incident made Joe take a good hard look at himself and he decided he wanted to change and drop weight.  Boy, did he drop the weight – 112 pounds worth!

      Joe joined Defined Fitness in Wexford, and with the help of the training staff, he lost weight.  He kept tabs on his calorie intake, set goals for himself, and began eating healthier foods.

      We are happy to show you the before and after shots of Joe Valenza at Kennywood Park – Memorial Day 2012 at 312 lbs., and the new Joe – Memorial Day 2013 at a svelte 200 lbs.

      “My transformation has hit full cycle,” Joe said.  It is no wonder his new catch phrase is “you WANT, to want to do it.”