JADE Wellness Center: A Family Devoted to Helping Families Struggling with Addiction

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JADE Wellness Center was founded in 2010 by Lucy Garrighan, JADE’s Matriarch and CEO. As the mother to two young adult sons suffering from the disease of addiction, Lucy searched near and far for the secret, for the answer to why this happened to her children and for a resolution that would “cure” them.  Painstakingly, after seven years, relentless visits to treatment centers across the United States and the devastating loss of her first born son, John, she arrived at the bitter truth: There is no secret and there is no cure.   However, with one son still in front of her, growing into a better version of himself each day, Lucy knew with certainty that specific treatments could lead to a life free from drugs and alcohol.    She and her family are determined to help as many people as possible while continuing to refine the practice based treatment model of JADE Wellness Center.

JADE Wellness Center’s mission is to help others and their families in ways Lucy Garrighan wished her older son could have been helped.   Through JADE, derived from the first letters of each of her children’s names, John, Jamie, Abbie, Dan and Emma-her first Grandchild, Lucy has brought all necessary services to treat addiction under one roof.   JADE has a remarkable staff of medical doctors, addiction psychiatrists, registered nurses, licensed therapists and support staff all trained in drug and alcohol addiction.


JADE Wellness focuses its treatment on the altered brain chemistry in the areas of the brain affected by addiction; the part responsible for biological cravings as well as the part of the brain responsible for impulse control and rational thinking, as well as the emotional, social and mental health aspects of addiction.   JADE Wellness is having success with treating cravings of both opiates and alcohol, and preventing relapse by using a once monthly non addictive injection, amongst other medications.

Lucy is also joined at JADE Wellness by two of her adult children, Abbie Scanio, a graduate of Duquesne University’s Business School and Dan Garrighan, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, who has continued on with education in clinical management.   Both run the daily operation of JADE Monroeville and Wexford locations.   Dan’s journey has put him in a place to help others and he does so with great determination.

Dan Garrighan, Clinical Supervisor, stresses “it is imperative to focus on all aspects of addiction for individuals to establish sobriety.  Everyone who comes through our doors seeking treatment is assessed and developed a treatment plan that caters to their individual needs.  Those who suffer from substance abuse need to change one thing and that is everything. We are here to help facilitate that change process and assess all the areas that have been most impacted and in return need nurturing.   We don’t believe addiction judges.  Anyone can become self identified as an addict.  We see physicians who are addicted; mothers, fathers, the rich, the poor, black, white, old, young.  We also see all these same categories recover and maintain a life of abstinence.  Anyone can become addicted and anyone can beat addiction with a new practice based treatment model.  At JADE, we want people to feel empowered about their recovery.  We no longer want to see the hopelessness in people and want them to know change is available; however you can’t do that on your own.  We want those still suffering, as well as their families to know there is help out there and it does get better.”

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse contact Jade Wellness at 412-380-0100 or to learn more, visit www.myjadewellness.com and read the many testimonials of people who have gotten well.

JADE Wellness Center, our family and our treatment program will give you hope.