Happy New Year!

By:  Joella Baker

The New Year is always an interesting time for those of us in the fitness industry.  We see our gyms and YMCA’s flooded with people after the holidays looking to renew, reshape and resolve.  The problem is, it is often short lived. 

Every year, I see tons of information on TV, talk shows, in magazines, the newspaper and even at the local gyms telling you how to meet your resolutions, lose weight, eat better and stay healthy.  Every year thousands of people flood their local gyms in hopes of changing something about themselves.  For some, it actually works.  Something sticks.  Hold habits are broken and new ones begin.  Healthier habits, habits that change people’s lives.

I’d like to tell you that a switch turns on in people after the New Year that allows them to set a resolution or goal and achieve it.  However, after seeing so many people go through the New Year yo-yo session, I know it isn’t the case.  In truth, it takes far more than just a resolution, a goal or the New Year to spark or motivate someone to change their everyday habits.

This year make a change.  Stop setting a New Year’s resolution you are bound to fail at.  Instead, sit down and make a list.  Yes, write a list of the things you would like to improve in your life.  For some it may be to quit smoking, for some it may be to lose weight or to stop drinking so much, others may want to start an exercise program.  For others it may be to get involved in a charity, to be more active in your church or better yet, to spend more quality time with your family.

We all have something in our lives that we can do better.  Something that we truly want to improve upon.  Something that will make us stronger mentally or physically; or, a change that may even change our life or a change that will improve the life of you and your family as a whole.

These are the changes we need to focus on.  Think about it this way, what scares you the most?  Is it having a heart attack because you know you are overweight?  Is it losing your family because you never spend time with them? Is it leaving this world and realizing you never really helped others as much as you could?  What is your fear in your life?  Take that fear and make it your mission.  Not your resolution, but your mission.  Your mission to improve your life to help others, to help your family and improve your community.

Start with that list.  Sit and write a list of the changes you want to make.  Prioritize the list and determine from there what your mission will be.  Remember, your mission needs to come from your heart, from what drives you to want to be a better person.  It could be your fears or it could be something bigger than that.  However, I most often see a change in people when they are scared.  Bad news from a doctor is often the main reason why people ultimately decide they need to make a major change from a health perspective and even spiritually.  That is one motivating factor for sure, but go deeper than that.  When you choose your mission, go beyond just the physical, review the mental and spiritual side as well.  Determine what will help you be happy with who you are.

In 2017, develop your own mission statement.  It doesn’t have to be formatted in any way.  It doesn’t have to be only one thing, it could be a list, it could be a paragraph, it could contain a story that reminds you as to why you want to have a mission for 2017.  After you write your mission, post it on your wall, near your desk, on your refrigerator.  Share it with your family and your friends and even your co-workers.   Let your world know what your mission is for the New Year and share with people how you plan to live your mission every day.  Then, make it happen!

Happy 2017!