Genesis Medical Associates: A Tradition of Quality Healthcare

In today’s health care environment, patients desire to have more input into their health care decisions.  This trend of active patient engagement has been one which the doctors and staff of Genesis Medical Associates have long embraced.  Genesis is strongly committed to supporting their patients so that they are motivated participants in their health and well-being.

Genesis has been recognized by the National Committee on Quality Assurance since 2014 as a patient-centered medical home or PCMH.  The PCMH is an innovation in health care delivery designed to improve patient experience, improve patient and population health, and reduce the cost of care.  This “seal of approval” demonstrates the achievement of the PCMH attributes and ensures patient confidence in the practice and its clinicians.

Patient centered care requires engagement with the patient and family to ensure that care coordination benefits are understood.  Patient engagement is an ideal healthcare situation in which people are well-informed about — and motivated to be involved — in their own medical care.  That way, they develop trust and work towards better management of their chronic conditions. Such diagnoses as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and chronic pulmonary obstructive disease are treated as a team approach, with the patient as an active member.

This approach is different from the traditional paternalistic model of medicine in which the patient has little say in healthcare decisions and simply listens to and does what their doctor recommends.   

Research has shown that patient engagement initiatives and discussion of treatment barriers have resulted in reduced hospital visits, treatment as well as improved quality of life for patients living with chronic diseases.  Other benefits include: improved patient health outcomes, improved patient satisfaction and improved patient experiences.  Not surprisingly, patient centered care is a core principle at Genesis.  Our providers put the patient at the center of all quality improvement practices and deliver the care that meets their preferences and is sensitive to their values.  As such, we recognize that strong patient-provider communication will drive patient education, another important piece of the patient-centered care puzzle. Our clinicians educate patients and their families about their conditions, symptoms, care management plans, and the importance of preventive care.

Genesis Medical Associates established in 1995 is the largest, independent, primary care practice in the Pittsburgh Northern Suburbs.  As a physician-owned independent practice, Genesis Medical Associates accepts all major insurance plans, including Highmark and the UPMC Health Plan, and is committed to providing the highest quality patient care even as the Pittsburgh health care insurance industry continues to transform.  All Genesis staff and providers work to improve the patient experience of care, reduce the cost of care delivery, and improve the health of its patients. Known as the “Triple Aim,” this framework serves as a guidepost for our vision of pursuing value-based initiatives and population health management success.