CCA education innovations drive unique learning experiences 

 Innovations in education happen every day at CCA because we’re preparing students to be career ready, not just graduation ready.  CCA is a top, accredited K-12 public cyber charter school that provides a personalized education to all Pennsylvania students. We turn the tired American educational model on its head. We don’t believe that children can be educated only by learning the same thing, in the same room, at the same time.  

At CCA, education meets students where they are and lets them work at their own pace. Our individualized courses are designed to match each child’s interests, skills and educational needs. Students can learn at anytime from anywhere with a free laptop from CCA. 

 At CCA, students learn through virtual lessons that can be accessed in real time or viewed later, workbook projects, conservatory programs and more. CCA helps students identify and pursue passions that lead to family sustaining careers. We challenge students to think about what they want to be doing when they’re 25 or 30, and we help them explore those aspirations.  

 We offer hands-on learning experiences, such as visiting a helicopter trauma unit at an airport or observing an open-heart surgery, veterinary operations, a police investigation unit, radio or TV studio. Students interact with professionals in the field and learn what really goes on behind the scenes. CCA also facilitates internship programs with local businesses so students can truly experience any career field that is of interest to them.  

 One of CCA’s newest projects is the construction of a 6,100-square-foot interactive, integrated agriculture lab called AgWorks at CCA located at our Capital Campus and Family Service Center in Harrisburg. Integrated agriculture relies on fish to fertilize and provide nutrients to plants, fruits and produce, allowing the plants to grow and be harvested more quickly than in traditional farming. Students, with guidance from CCA teachers and professionals in the field, will learn how to operate the living laboratory, which can produce around 3,000 plants with the help of more than 400 tilapia, koi and prawn. The operation provides insight into careers in agriculture and conservation, STEM-related fields, logistics and business, marketing and hospitality. 

 CCA also will take the lab and other learning to students across the state with its mobile integrated agriculture lab and two fully equipped mobile classrooms. Traveling statewide the entire school year, the mobile classrooms offer activities including bird and astronomy observation, book fairs, water and soil testing and art exhibits. 

 CCA’s innovations ensure that our students interact with the real world and learn skills to make them career ready. It’s a personalized partnership between us and our students and families to ensure students are prepared for life after high school, whether that’s continued education, a job or military service. 
 No matter where you live in Pennsylvania or what sparks your child’s interests, CCA can be the perfect fit. Learn more or enroll free today by visiting or calling toll-free 844-590-2864.