Brain Health Across the Lifespan

Brain_Dr Paul Nussbaum

By Dr. Paul Nussbaum-

The human brain is the single most magnificent miracle ever designed in the history of the universe. Weighing two-to-four pounds, composed of nearly 60% fat, and demanding 25% of the blood from each heartbeat, the brain is the origin of our every thought, emotion, and movement.  It reflects our very identity!

 It is a bit surprising and unfortunate, therefore at the brain has only started to find a place on the radar screen of the American psyche. Thanks to advances in neurosciences, we understand the brain has “neural plasticity” and can be shaped for health across the entire lifespan. It is from this understanding that Dr. Nussbaum developed his Brain Health Lifestyle ® and recently opened his first Brain Health Center located in Wexford (see, composed of nearly 60% fat, and demanding 25% of the blood from each heartbeat, the brain is the origin of our every thought, emotion, and movement. It reflects our very identity!

 The Brain Health Lifestyle ® integrates Physical Activity, Mental Stimulation, Nutrition, Spirituality, and Socialization into a proactive approach to achieve cognitive and emotional health and overall balance. This approach will be used in the Center for those suffering neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions such as memory loss, dementia, depression, anxiety, attention deficit, substance abuse, PTSD, and head injury.

 The Center will also work with clients who have lost balance in their lives or who are not achieving peak performance. Dr. Nussbaum wants to “help students, athletes, CEOs and executives, and everyone learn about their brain and how to achieve greater balance and performance in the school, field of play, and board room.”

 This holistic and integrated approach to brain health and wellbeing is accomplished by offering clinical neuropsychological services together with less traditional approaches such as Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition Planning, Massage, and Brain Fitness. Dr. Nussbaum has long taught, “the human brain is a complex system that requires a comprehensive and holistic approach to both heal and thrive.”

 On any given day, the Brain Health Center will provide diagnostic assessments of memory, personality, mood, and behavior for patients in need. At the same time, the Center will lead yoga classes and meditation for athletes, students, couples, business men and women. Everyone who comes to the Center will be encouraged to meet with the registered dietician to develop a plan for healthy eating, and the massage therapist can help to remove some of those knots in our neck and back from the daily grind of life.

 Dr. Nussbaum suggests, “the Center is a place to learn about yourself, to stop and give yourself the attention you deserve, and to implement a set of therapeutic and healing activities that will help you achieve greater health and balance.” It is one of the only places in the nation dedicated to brain health lifestyle ® that offers a holistic and integrated approach. It is never too early or late to get started!

 The Brain Health Center also serves as the epicenter for Dr. Nussbaum’s work that is international in scope. The Center provides consultation to organizations and companies across the planet and the lifestyle approach has been implemented in schools, libraries, and companies all across the nation. The Center is capable of contributing brain health as part of a corporate wellness program and we will also be leading “Brain Health Retreats” for organizations and communities.

 Please call the Center today at (724) 719-2833 to make an appointment or to visit. You may also review our website for more information.