7 Quick & Easy Tips to Look Younger Today


By Kelly A. Smith
You can never be too thin or too young in our youth-obsessed culture.  Right or wrong, this is the reality for many of us, too many, it seems, resorting to the pressure of giving into the idea of visiting the fountain of youth, ala cosmetic surgery.  Don’t get me wrong, while this choice, however personal, is good for some, for others it is not viable option.  If you are one of the lucky ones to have hit the genetic jackpot then time may be kinder to you than the next person who is not as genetically fortunate.  So, what can you do right now to give yourself a jolt of youth?  Here are a few quick tips to try at home today!
1– Dewey skin screams youth so keep this mind when choosing foundations, and powders.  Matte powders tend to congregate in fine lines creating a “dusty” appearance.  Try a whipped or creamy solution to plump up the dewey factor
2– Define your eyes– Tired eyes are so easy to fix why wouldn’t you want to do this?  Try curling your lashes and applying a lengthening mascara right afterwards to make your eyes really pop!  You don’t have to go crazy with the shadow but if you do, opt for shimmer.
3—Pluck-perfect—Skinny isn’t always better in this department. While it is important to define and shape, too thin of eyebrows will age you.  If you go a bit crazy with the tweezers, don’t worry.  A good brow liner will do the trick to “feather-in” any thin spots.
4– Perfect pout– Youthful lips are easy to create by following a few easy tips.  Stay away from anything matte, dark, or shades of brown.  Instead, opt for sheer nudes, shimmery solid sticks, and creamy/moisturizing formulas.  Good colors include nudes, pale pinks, and any color of tinted lip-gloss.  Don’t forget to complete the look with a good lip liner making sure not to create an actual “outline” of your lips.  The color should match your natural shade.
5– Bright smile– Never underestimate the power of a white smile and why not?  With all of the whitening products out there, there is no excuse to have dingy teeth. 
6– Hair– Everyone thinks they know what style looks best on themselves but most of the time it’s the style that they are the most comfortable.  Some fast tips: never “dye” your hair one solid color, especially if it’s dark, as this is an instant unfortunate age progression.  Instead, try adding highlights as well as low lights to add dimension.  Want an instant blast of youth?  Try bangs with your current style. They’re not as risky as creating a whole new look.  Got long hair?  It can be very high maintenance and while I don’t like to put a number as a cutoff for long hair, I will say that if you choose to keep your locks long (mine is very long but I keep it layered) you have to have it maintained as far as regular trims and a lot of conditioning otherwise you risk ageing yourself with lifeless, straggly, dull looking hair. 
7—General tips to keeping a youthful glow:  Stay hydrated both inside and out.  Moisturizers should not be limited to just your hands.  Apply daily to your face, neck, chest and legs to keep your skin looking and feeling their best.  Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night to prevent tired eyes from forming dark circles and under-eye puff.  Good posture also speaks volumes in giving you an instant slimming effect.
     As the hustle and bustle of the holidays approach, it’s easy to neglect ourselves.  We all have full lives and realistically can’t always get a full nights’ sleep or spend hours doing our hair and make up but what we can do and with very minimal effort, is to take a few minutes each day and “doll ourselves up”.  This should be done for ourselves, not for anyone else.  They say “with age comes wisdom” and I say that “wisdom” allows us to be clever enough to create our own little fountain of youth, that only we know about!