7 Hot Weather Beauty Hacks

shutterstock_37006348By Kelly Smith

Beach bunnies, heat mavens and sun goddesses, listen up!  While you may enjoy frolicking through the sand and wading in the pool, chances are your hair, skin and makeup may not be as forgiving.  Even though it’s hot and humid out there, you still want to look cool and collected.  At the end of a hot summer day, you can end up looking melted and wilted, or a.k.a., a hot mess!   So, how do you get and keep a polished look that stands up to high temperatures?  Well, it’s not as hard as it seems but you do need to change up your everyday beauty regime to a new normal.  Don’t let sunburns, bug bites or melting makeup shatter your summertime hoopla!  From switching products, to quick- witted DIY’s, read on for ways to combat your hot weather beauty woes!

* Mistake proof makeup– Try switching up your summer style by changing your formulas.  Here are a few suggestions to swap out during the summer months:

If you use:    Liquid foundation— Try tinted moisturizer

Smokey eyes———-Try bronzer over lids

Pressed powder——Try loose powder with a brush

Matte/dark lipstick—Try nude or peach lip-gloss

Heavy eyeliner——–Try long, thick dark lashes with waterproof mascara

Brush on blush———Try a sheer creamy bright color

* Baby powder power— When your fun in the sun is at day’s end and you feel like you could be a walking sandcastle, it’s time to break out the big guns- in a little bottle.  Baby powder has the amazing ability to absorb anything that is wet, sandy or salty.  Just sprinkle it all over you from your feet, legs, arms and even your hair!  It’ll remove all of the sweat and saltwater which, by the way, is what adheres the sand to your skin, and you’ll be able to brush that scratchy sand off your skin with ease!

* Deodorant do’s– it’s not just for underarms anymore!  Try dry, (not roll on) antiperspirant on the back of your neck a few minutes before you blow dry your hair and feel the difference. Nothing is worse than a hot blow-dryer causing you to sweat right after a shower, but do use just a dab.  Also, if your sandals are causing you to blister up, you can avoid those ugly bandages by dabbing a bit of deodorant on your feet.  It will counteract the friction that creates them in the first place.

*Bikini line bliss— Nothing is worse than razor rash, but on sensitive areas, it can be not only unsightly, but uncomfortable.  The remedy, you may ask?  Chamomile.  Very simply put, chamomile has natural herbal properties that soothe.  Steep a few chamomile tea bags then let them cool down in the freezer then, lay them on the irritated skin.  The calming effects will do their job in a matter of minutes and its back to beach business!

*Manicure magic— Get your best manicure in minutes!  Have you ever had your polish bubble up in the heat?  Well, try throwing a few bottles in the fridge as lacquer goes on smoothly when it’s chilled.  Also, if you’re in a huge hurry, (and aren’t we all?) and have no time to dry, you can dip your fingertips into a bowl of cold water for 2 minutes or so and that will basically flash freeze-dry your polish enough to make them scuff free.

*Lemon mania– I love the diversity of lemons!  Never have I used an edible item more often for DIY purposes than for sustenance.  Try lemons to fix a self-tanning mishap by mixing with baking soda or to exfoliate dry, summer skin by mixing it with sugar.  We all probably have a few sweat stain on our whites (come on, you know you do!) but, the power of lemon juice will whisk those stains away!  Simply squeeze directly onto stains before washing and the acidity will lift those stains out in no time!  Make your own healthy, and invigoration face mask after a long day of sand and sun with just 2 ingredients; lemon juice and honey.  Whip up this fresh concoction and apply all over and you’ll see bright, even skin in just 15 minutes!

* Bugged and bothered— The creepy crawlies and flying pests are out in full strength but if you’re like me, spray repellants, even the ones that boast “deet free”, creep me out, no pun intended.  I don’t want harsh chemicals seeping into my skin.  The alternative?  Try a dryer sheet.  Yes, it seems those little anti-static “buggers” are fragranced to hit the spot with our noses but not so much with the bug community.  Try rubbing one all over your clothes and even lightly over your exposed skin to keep the bug bites at bay.  And, don’t forget to tuck a few away in your pocket or purse.

Summer is full of pleasures but melting makeup, frizzy hair and dry, sunburned skin is not one of them.  Even if those summer rays are delivering a beauty beat down, they’re no match for our knowledge of combating them with style!