Local Farms

Clarion River Organics is a cooperative of 12 horsepowered family farms working together near Clarion, PennaMost of the families are Amish, and all of our farms are certified organic and strive to maintain healthy soils as their main means of pest and disease control. Since we have multiple farms working together, we are able to offer a wide selection of produce over an extended season. Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a way for you to connect with the farms and farmers that grow your food. At its most basic level, a CSA involves subscribing to a portion of a farm or cooperative’s harvest for a given season, but it’s about a lot more than just the produce. We consider our CSA to be the best expression of the mission and vision of our cooperative and joining it as the best way for people to connect to that mission–and to enjoy a bit of agrarian life in their wider community. Our popular CSA serves Pittsburgh, Erie, and rural Northwestern Pennsylvania. In addition to certified organic produce, the farms now also offer organic grains, pastured meats and jarred specialty products. In addition to subscribing to our CSA, you can find our produce at Whole Foods Market, the East End Food Cooperative, Sunny Bridge Natural Foods, Erie Whole Foods Cooperative as well as several Pittsburgh restaurants. 

Why We Sell Raw Milk  

By Ron Eichner  

We at Eichner’s Farm have been selling raw, unpasteurized, non-homogenized milk and cheeses for over three years. As you know consuming raw milk has become controversial. Currently, we proudly sell raw milk and cheeses from a family farm called Pasture Maid Creamery in New Castle, Penna. 
 Some who come into our farm market have questions about raw milk. I use the RRE approach—it’s “Ron’s Rational Explanation.” So here we go . . . Since God created cows and man domesticated them, we have had raw milk, butter, cheeses, keifer, cottages cheese and yogurt. For thousands of years, we didn’t even have refrigeration as we know today. That is why farms like ours that produced milk had spring houses to keep the milk cool.  
So how did raw milk become an issue? In 1939, the public was served justified reasons by the authorities that created unjustified fears that lead to the pasteurization of milk. But pasteurization has created a new illness in less than 75 years—lactose intolerance.  
Do your own research and you will learn what nutritional value raw, unpasteurized, non-homogenized milk has. The heating process of pasteurization can safeguard the processing of other dairy farm’s milk for distribution. However, clean, safe milk is produced in a few simple steps:  

  1. The Care of Cows 
  2. Grazing in Grass Pastures 
  3. Clean Milking Practices and Cooling of Milk 

 If you want to look at a good book, The Raw Truth about Milk is a great start.  

 Feel free to stop by the farm if you have questions. Pasture Maid Creamery raw milk is sold in half-gallon glass bottles. There is a $2 deposit on the bottle and the milk cost is $3. We take milk orders by Saturday for a once-a-week delivery on each Tuesday around 2 p.m. We also have four types of raw cheeses available from Pasture Maid Creamery.  

 Soergel Orchards
Soergel Orchards is a family farm market dating back to the 1850s when John Conrad Soergel, a German immigrant, settled in Wexford, Pa. What began with the planting of apple trees has blossomed into generations of family members continuing to be involved in the daily operation and farming of over 400 acres. 

Throughout the past 50 years, Soergel’s has grown and developed into a multi-faceted business that includes a farm market, bakery & deli, gift shop, garden center, natural foods store and the newest addition – Arsenal Hard Cider. Soergel Orchards also hosts birthday parties, corporate events, meetings and baby/bridal showers in their multi-purpose building, McIntosh Hall. 

The Soergel family welcomes you and your family and friends to join us here on the farm for yearlong events, shopping, and every day play. For more information on great events and activities, follow them on social media (www.facebook.com/soergelorchards and on Instagram) or check out their website at www.soergels.com.