5 HOT Styling Tips for the Cold

By Kelly Smith

     The weather outside is more than just frightful.  It’s downright freezing, subzero at times but there’s no need to sacrifice fashion for warmth.  There’s a trick to looking both cute and cozy that doesn’t involve overly puffy coats, bulky boots, or faux fur-lined, floppy ear hats that make you look like a little woodland creature.   So, how do you manage to look stylish for a night out while keeping the warmth in?  It’s actually pretty easy if you put forth a bit of effort in planning, with just a few key pieces, you’ll be ready to sashay your way through that frosty air!

 Fashion Forward Coat—Find a really nice-fitting dressy coat.  When I say ‘nice-fitting’, I mean make sure it is the right size, cut and length for your body type.  Avoid a zipper and instead, look for buttons or grommets and do find one that is belted, as this always tends to give a very dressy appearance while keeping you fashionably bundled up!  Choose a solid color- not necessarily basic black but darker colors are just a little more practical due to the slush and snow covered streets. 

Accessories— Invest in a versatile and trendy hat such as a newsboy, fedora or knitted beret, also trending right now are headbands. No, not those felt ones you wear while jogging, I’m talking real, fashionable headbands, including embellishments like gemstones and florets.  Also, a chic set of gloves is key to stylin’ in the snow (and no one likes to look at cracked, dry hands). If you’re really into cold weather accessories, why not add a scarf?  The trend has been around for a while now so there’s no shortage of style.

Layer, layer and layer— just like a good slice of cake, (shame on me!) layers are better.  It could be as simple as a super thin long sleeved top under a sweater or a pair of spanx under your jeans.  It doesn’t need to be bulky but adding just one thin layer can make a huge difference in body temperature.  Toss those big bulky sweaters and instead opt for a body hugging wrap or long cowl neck sweater.  As long as you keep the under layer thin, you will stay slim looking.

Tights and Leggings— These will be your go-to tool for showing some leg while keeping them as warm as if they were covered by jeans, however, you have to find the right material.  Sheer nylons won’t stand up to the frigid frost of winter but find a good cotton cable knit pair and you’ll be looking and feeling hot!  And, here’s a good tip to wearing tights or leggings:  Just before you pull them up over your bare legs, use a good spray moisturizer from ankle to waist (I recommend Vaseline spray & go) and you will be inadvertently giving your legs a mini moisturizing bath since the material is skin hugging!  Hey, a girl has to take advantage of any time-saving measures, right?

Boots or Shoes?  Well either one is fine as long as you follow a few simple do’s and don’ts (remember, this is for a stylish night out):

Do choose a dress boot.  It doesn’t have to have a heel but it does need to be made of a natural material such as leather or suede.  If they are reminiscent of jumping up and down in rain puddles when you were 5 or that pair that you schlepped in to the grocery store yesterday, then you can answer to the fashion police.  Heels are always good but do make sure that they are closed toed and for an extra measure of safety add some anti-slip grippers to the bottom sole. 

     Even though it’s the dead of winter, you can always find time to have a fun and fashionable night out.  Don’t be too quick to wish winter away because before long, we will be complaining about the heat and trying to find ways to hide our flaws from adding too many pounds over these last few months.  Which reminds me, I need to do our weekly grocery shopping so I will be schlepping into the grocery store with my finest rubber boots and puffy coat.  I just know I’ll be picking up layered cake from the bakery because, well, I have nowhere fashionable to be this evening.