5 hot holiday hair & makeup quick tips

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By Kelly Smith

From decking the halls to shopping the malls, another great way to get into the holiday spirit is with festive style!  Fabulous holiday hair and makeup need not be a hassle and in most cases can be done in just minutes – as long as you know a few tricks.  Between sending out the Christmas cards, wrapping all those presents and navigating through all of the hustle and bustle that December always brings, be sure to take a few minutes to focus on yourself and look your best at that next party or holiday event.

* Silky skin— it takes only a minute to moisturize from head to toe.  This time of year why not slather on a bit of sparkle? Start at your neck and work down from there. Any brand of body shimmer will do but use sparingly- you want to shimmer, not shine.

*Gorgeous nails now—if you’re in a pinch and you’re hands have seen better days, take just a few minutes to pamper your mitts.  Remove old polish and grab a handful of sugar topped with a few tablespoons of lemon juice and gently scrub under running warm water for a minute.  The sugar will act as an exfoliant while the lemon will clean and brighten your nails.  Apply a generous amount of hand cream and voila!  No time for color polish?  Get an instant gloss by slapping on a 30 second clear coat- no excuses for this one!

*Evening eyes—is there anything more glam than a set of smoky eyes?  You can perfect this look by practicing ahead of time but if you’re pressed for time try a dry eyeliner ( instead of liquid) or dark eyeshadow to create that line and get it as close to the upper lash as possible.  Use a shade lighter than your liner on your lids and be sure to wing outwards for a dramatic look.  Finish off the drama with thickening mascara and you’ve got yourself one set of fierce eyes to be envied!

*Gold rush— Gold is the word this season and it can be applied just about anywhere but DO choose only one feature to highlight or risk blending in with the holiday décor!  I like a touch of gold under the eyes but another fun way to show off some sparkle is on our lips.  Yes, really!  Try adding just a dab on top of your usual lip color and watch it set off a flurry of compliments.  You can also get your nails in on the act as well as a gold bronzer across the chest and décolletage.

*Speed hairstyles that work—when in doubt, go for the ponytail. There are endless ways to make this classic style work for you!  You can go with a high sleek back style (don’t forget the “pouf” on top!) or the haphazardly pulled back loose pony tail.  A classic chignon is always a party stopper and it really shows off a nice set of arms and shoulders!  This look is very easy to do and only takes minutes.  Start by loosely tying back all of your hair in a band then wrap your hair around the band and fasten it with a few bobby pins.  Always throw in some flair- a beaded hair pin, a sparkly barrette or even a silky ribbon to name just a few.  With the looser pulled back looks try pulling out just a few strands to have some face framing tendrils.  If you crave curls, throw in a few Velcro rollers, spray all over with hairspray then power up the blow dryer for 30 seconds and watch those curls really set!

The holidays are the perfect time of year to really add some extra sparkle and shine to yourself and your wardrobe.  Take full advantage of it after all, it’s the only time of the year where gaudy and classy can be used in the same sentence.   Let yourself shine at your next holiday party but not so much that you blend in with the tree!  Happy Holidays!