5 Fast Layering Tips to Look Hot while Keeping Cool


  5  Fast Layering Tips to Look Hot while Keeping Cool

By  Kelly Smith

The sun is out, the heat is on, and so what’s a girl to do?  While your first instinct may be to wear as little clothing as possible that may not be the most fashion forward choice.  Sure, it’s a practical move but, practical and stylish rarely go hand in hand.  Summer clothes can be challenging if you want to add interest because you reveal more skin.  The options at your disposal for using “layering tricks” to camouflage problem areas are limited, not to mention, using long jackets, scarves and sweaters to create a better silhouette.  If you want to shine in the sun while keeping cool, read on to try some of the best tips to get you ready for the start of summer!  

  • Calling all accessories! – For a stylish summer look in a snap, layer those accessories over any solid or one piece look.  Add a belt, a big necklace and a statement shoe to grab attention!  For extra style power, use a cross body bag to give even more interest.  If you’re not a big accessory aficionado then start off small with choices such as a long lariat necklace in a fun summer hue and a pair of gladiator sandals. Scarves still have a summer staying power, but for the love of fashion, do be sure that they are truly a sheer summer scarf.
  • Ditch the sleeves – Short and sleek moto vests will add a touch of summer flair to an otherwise boring cotton top.  Longer sleeveless vests that cover your behind will be figure flattering and they can be layered over any length tee or tank.  Choose a style that buttons or loosely ties if you like a fitted look and feel.  For a more feminine feel, slip into a lacy vest with floral embroidery or silky strings that lace up the back.
  • Cool summer slip on – Say goodbye to those winter white or beige cardigans that you know should never see the light of (summer’s) day!  Instead, try a summer-friendly version of the cardigan: the sheer kimono jacket.  These fun and flirty slip-ons can turn boring into boho chic in a snap!  They are so lightweight and filled with pure comfort plus they add that extra layer that we all crave.  You can also wear sheer or very light, drapey cardigans but do be sure they are bought in the summer section when shopping.
  • Layered look in a box – There are layers, then there are “layers.”  Create an illusion of layering by using color and print blocking dresses and tops.  Some new styles do the work for you: there are dresses, for example, that use 2 or 3 colors that drape down using extra fabric between them or just use prints in contrasting colors and styles.  Either way, your overall look will still be layer-esque.
  • Peek-a-boo- I see you! –  Layering a sheer, see-thru or lace blouse or top over a solid tank or tee is one of the best ways to greet the summer!  If you try this look, (and why wouldn’t you want to?) don’t forget the importance of a good bra and or cami.  While layering with sheer or lace garments is perfectly appropriate, it is in fact, not for everyone.  If the idea of wearing a sheer top (even with everything in place) just doesn’t appeal to you, then you can always opt for a “smart” top.  This is what I consider to be a top or blouse that can cover up problem areas.  They drape in all the right places.  Some have a drop sleeve that can cover your upper arm while exposing just a touch of sexy shoulder skin.  Others drape or have an elasticized waistband that can cover a tummy bulge.  A split sleeve also offers a bit of coverage while still keeping you cool.

Layering to create a new look every day for your summer style should be fun!  Everyone has their own inspiration and style but remember to stay cool, and don’t “sweat out” the small stuff this summer!