5 Fabulous Heat-Free Hairstyles

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By Kelly A.Smith

Hair should be a woman’s crowning glory. If so, then why do we continue to damage it with heating tools? Well, I can tell you that I have no answer to that question because I am one of the worst offenders out there. As a “long-haired girl” I rely on my fleet of heat tools to tame my thick, wavy hair. Unfortunately, this means almost daily use of a blow dryer and flat iron., Even though I use a ton of product (and I do mean a TON!) including salon-quality conditioners, leave-in treatments and finishing shine spray to combat heat damage, I still deal with breakage and split ends. So, what’s a girl to do? Believe it or not, I have found some easy, yet stylish heat-free styles that will accommodate a variety of hair types, cuts and lengths. With a little help from some basic styling products, you will be on your way to heat-free “hotness!”

 Wavy Wonder—Spritz damp hair just before bed with a texturing spray and braid it. If you want noticeably textured waves, make the braids tighter. For looser waves, try one braid. Either way in the morning, just separate by running your fingers through. Finish with a good hairspray, and you’re ready to start your day.

 Chignon/twist—(For shoulder length hair or longer) After towel drying, generously rub a good volumizing mousse or gel into damp hair. Starting underneath, tease hair in large

sections to create volume then loosely gather your hair at the nape of your neck and gently twist upwards. Secure with bobby pins or other adorned hair clips but do be sure to use a good amount of hairspray to keep it all in place.

 Super-sleek ponytail¬- This is the easiest way to tame an unruly frizzy head of hair. Using a good shine serum or glossing gel, apply starting an inch or two from the roots and work through to the ends. Use a good paddle brush to smooth and detangle. Gather all of your hair with one hand and fasten with an elastic band, preferably right at the center of the back of your head. This ponytail is meant to be sleek so use pins and spray to ensure any flyaways are under wraps.

 Headbands/scarves—In a hurry? Don’t worry, because headbands can be your best friend on those bad hair days. The varieties are just endless, and there is a style to fit every length and texture out there. Hair scarves, that is, scarves created specifically as headbands are quite a hot item this spring so stock up.

 Soft curls–The good thing about curls is that they really are appropriate for any length of hair. Heat-free curls are one of the easiest styles to create as the selection of products are inexpensive and convenient. Velcro rollers can be used if you’re in hurry simply by rolling and spraying, leaving them in place for a few minutes and you’re done. If you have very long hair, I suggest this trick: take a thin round bristle brush and twist you hair (using small sections at a time) around it to one-half of your length then spritz with a firm finishing spray. Hold it for a few seconds until the spray is dry and unwind backwards. The result? Beautiful curls without the “pouf” on the top!

With summer fast approaching, chances are you’ll want to spend less time primping and more time enjoying Mother Nature. The summer heat also brings its own barrage of damaging effects to our hair including UV rays, chlorinated pools and saltwater. Toss the heat tools every once in a while this spring, and you will notice the luxurious difference in your hair by the time the first heat wave hits!