5 common style mistakes- and how to fix them

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By Kelly Smith

    No one likes to admit that they’ve made a mistake, a fashion faux pas if you will, but sometimes, conceding is the best way to avoid a style snafu.   Take a look around the next time that you are in a crowded mall, event or other gathering place and chances are, you will see more than your fair share of common style blunders.  No one wants to be guilty of a fashion no-no so let’s take a glimpse into the most common style mistakes we make and how to fix them:

1-      Wrong size– ill-fitting clothes, whether they’re too baggy or too tight is never a good look on any body type.  A lot of women have the mindset that if they buy a smaller size they will lose weight quickly.   This is rarely the case and most often, that size 8 blouse that should really have been a 12 is money down the drain and motivation crushed.  Clothes look best when properly fitted so it’s best to try on everything before buying as each brand can vary with measurements.

 2-     Too trendy–  We all love perusing through the latest and greatest of those monthly, high-end  fashion magazines but don’t depend solely on them as your go-to  personal shopper.  While they are a great tool to supplement the mind of a budding fashionista, they are not always practical for everyday dressing.  It’s always a great idea to keep on top of the latest styles and trends but not so much if you have the expectation of looking exactly like one of the professional models, who by way, have a team of stylists including hair, makeup, lighting technicians and photographers who are trained to get exactly the look that is in the finished product (the magazine).   

 3-     Undergarment perfection– Nothing beats a good fitting bra!  You can quickly give the illusion of being 5 pounds less with the right bra. It also improves posture by adjusting your shoulders while balancing everything in the middle.  An everyday bra can last up to a year with proper care, so do hand wash and drip dry.  Control top is not just limited to panties as we all are aware of the wonder of spanx!  These undergarments are truly a girls’ best friend as they are now so mainstream making them so affordable that just one won’t do.  Wear them under everything from dresses to jeans to smooth out and hold in those troubled areas.

 4-     Hair and there and everywhere in-between- I don’t know about you but I have no team of beauty experts knocking on my door every morning to “fix me up”.  So, like the rest of you I make it a point to take just a few extra minutes to finish my look with hair that is brushed and styled and makeup that is flawless with no fuss. You put time and effort into your wardrobe so do the same for your face.  You don’t need smokey eye perfection but no matter how pressed you are for time, even just a little blush, lipgloss and mascara can go a long way.

 5-     Accessories- If you accessorize over the top or under the radar, then keep reading.  Accessorizing is quite the balancing act. A lot of women fall into the category of over or under accessorizing.  To get just the right look, try sticking to the idea of simplicity.  If you will be wearing casual clothes, such as jeans and a tee, then try a dressier tee with a scarf and perhaps a simple bracelet or watch.  Maybe you’re going out for the evening and will be donning that little black dress so by all means, bring on the bling!   The point of accessorizing is to compliment your outfit.  Tailor your accessories to match your outfit and you’ll be stylin!

      It seems that there are so many fashion do’s and don’ts out there and at times can overwhelm even the most style savvy women.  You are your best critic, so with that, inspire to not only look but feel your best and always stay true to your own sense of style.