5 Best Summer Drug Store Beauty Hauls

By Kelly Smith

     Summer is just upon us and this is the time of year when we really need to change up our beauty routine.  We tend to use more products in the summer months because of the dry heat and humidity, as well as extra exposure to damaging UV rays.  There are a ton of new products being advertised every new season but who really knows which ones work best, not to mention all of the additional cost that goes into playing the “will it or won’t it work” game?  Playing that game can add up fast, and during a time of year where there are endless graduation parties, weddings and vacations, our budget might not be brimming with the extra bucks.  Trying to navigate through an endless sea of bottles and boxes, lotions and potions can be draining so let me offer you a look at the best of the bunch for your best summer hair, skin and more!

Face the Facts – All of us know how the sun can damage our skin so there’s no reason to ever neglect our face.  Our faces are front and center and need protection, not just in the form of a good old SPF, but also a good moisturizer.  This need is often overlooked and some of us just stop at a sunscreen.  It’s so important to keep our faces hydrated so do try a good day moisturizer (some have SPF in them) but if that’s not your preference, then try something as simple as Aveeno® Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer or Olay® Active Hydrating Crème- your face will thank you!


Love your Lips–summer heat can dry out everything in sight but don’t let your lips take a beating! Try Maybelline® “Baby Lips” Balm- its sheer, but it still has some fun summer colors and even comes in an SPF formula.  Jane® Lip Gloss is also a hot commodity to keep your lips cool!  The summer collection comes in 10 pigments, sure to please even the pickiest pout! 

Skin Saver-– We all know that a good sunscreen is a summer must have but not all are created equal.  Always look for an SPF of at least 30 for everyday use and even more for days spent at the pool.  I like Neutrogena® Sensitive Skin; its waterproof and sweat proof making it a no brainer.  They also have a sheer mist spray that has up to a 100 SPF if you prefer the easy route application. Although not as thorough as applying it directly to the skin, it still offers good sun protection.  For the shower, try Dove® New Foaming Body Wash for a fresh, light moisturizing experience.  Finish it off with an all over moisturizer after towel drying.  I find Vaseline® “Spray and Go” in the aloe version to be quite soothing.  It’s fast drying and leaves no sticky residue.

Hair it Is! – Your hair needs some extra protection in the summer months so why not try an anti-frizz serum?  John Frieda® has a wonderful hair-friendly line from which to choose but, do choose wisely.  Try to match the formula to your natural hair texture for the best results. Tresemme®, Garnier® and L’Oreal® all have good products to combat frizz- and all under $10!


Summer Glow and Go—We all want that hot summer tan but can do without those damaging UV rays so which tanning method is best?  I think that depends on your personal preference but I have tried many self-tanners and I can tell you from experience, that it takes just that- experience.  First tip- go with a spray-on formula.  You’ll get better coverage and that means less of a chance of having dark spots on your knees, elbows and ankles. Without trying to sound like a bubbly spokesperson for Neutrogena®, (they do just happen have good drug store quality products!) Neutrogena® “Micro Mist” self-tanning spray is beyond good.  It gives a very even tan and the color is natural and even can be darkened more to your preference.  Jergen® “Natural Glow” is also a good runner up to try.  Second tip- don’t spray your face, rather, use a nice bronzing powder because it lets you correct any mistakes immediately (no one wants to wait for their face to fade back to normal!)  There are so many brands to choose from but one that I always come back to is Physician’s Formula®.  It’s non-comedogenic, long-lasting and most of all, it just does the job.  Most of these formulas are under $15 and Walgreens® has the BOGO sales all the time so stock up!

     Who doesn’t love a good drug store beauty haul?  It’s fun to peruse the aisles of your local Walgreens® or CVS® and really take in all of the great deals that can rival even the most expensive, high-end department store brands.