4 Ways to Reboot Your Fall Beauty Routine 

By Kelly Smith 

Autumn has arrived, and while you may be focused on finding your best fall wardrobe, don’t forget to include your beauty regime. I like to hold onto summer just as much as the next girl does, but at some point, you have to realize that change is-a-coming! That means cooler temperatures, shorter days and longer nights spent in dry, furnace-filled air that leaves your skin and hair in a dull dilemma. Embrace the fall season in style and change up your beauty routine right now. 

Ditch Summer Specific Products 

If it creates curls with beach waves or gives you a tropical tan, then its best to tuck it away until next summer. If you like the look of a bronzer, you don’t need to completely forgo it, but do scale back. It’s always a good idea to add some brightener but do use a sheer bronzer as a matte, dark formula will certainly make your skin appear a little too sun-kissed for the fall. The only summer product that you need to keep at your fingertips is the sunscreen. This is a year-round necessity, so don’t toss it away with your other summer sundries. Your face will thank you many years from now! 

Love Your Locks 

Fall is the perfect time to change up your color. If you really like your beach blonde highlights, trade them in by adding some low lights. Are you feeling a bit experimental? Now is the perfect time to tone it down a few notches for all you blondes (myself included) out there by switching to golden blonde or caramel highlights instead of ultra blonde (i.e.: bleached out highlights). The shade will outlast its summer counterpart because of less sun exposure, not to mention less noticeable re-growth. For all you brownies out there with highlights, try some highlights or balayage in a light honey color to brighten up your look without running the risk of them fading from the summer sun. 

Color MWarm 

Autumn is synonymous with color change, so don’t forget to include that in your everyday look. Smokey eyes, warmer hues and darker and matte suddenly forces everything pink and sheer to take a backseat until next year. Don’t get me wrong, pinks still have a place at the fall color table, but do choose one in a darker shade. Sheer pink lipsticks now become fierce fuchsia. Sandy brown shadow makes the switch to plums and chocolates. Weightless foundation will have to wait until next year because full-coverage foundation in warm shades will freshen up your face just in time for fall. If you really like a translucent look, try sweeping a bit of shimmer across your T-zone to make your cheeks really glow. 

Oh-So-Soft Skin 

Who doesn’t want soft, supple skin? During the summer months, exfoliation is key to shiny, soft skin, but during the fall, the transition from AC to heat can really dry out our skin in a flash. Save your skin from being stripped of moisture by using a good hydrating lotion right from the shower. From there, use a good moisturizer on your face before applying your makeup because dry skin shows lines, and with darker makeup hues, they will be more prominent than with sheer, lightweight summer formulas.   

Fall is the perfect time of year to fall-ify your skin, hair and makeup menu. Don’t fall victim to sulking in the sadness because of seeing your summer fun in the rearview. Instead, move forward with all the magic that fall beauty products have to offer. Your go-to signature look should always make a smooth transition from season to season. This is the time of year when less isn’t more, so take advantage of it and find your fabulous fall look today!