4 Clever Ways to Add Fall Flair into your Wardrobe

Sept16 NC web banner-2By Kelly Smith

Transitional dressing can stump the mind of even the most style savvy smart cookie.  It may be September but the crisp, autumn breeze that you would expect to feel dancing off your skin is instead, still just a hot blast of heat enveloping your new cozy fall frocks.  What’s a girl to do?  Fall weather is the toughest of the seasons in which to transition just because of the drastic temperature changes alone.  You need to be a bit quick witted in trying to outwit the weather.  So what can you do to stay cool, yet still stay in the spirit of fall while traipsing through the pumpkin patch?  It may sound like a tall order, but by sporadically, and stealthily adding some fall flair, you will be sure to look fall fabulous!

Add the colors of the fall rainbow—the addition of “pop” colors for any season change is always a no brainer. For autumn, some jewel tones to the tune of cranberry, mustard, oxblood or hunter green will do the trick. All of these colors have their summer counterparts (think pink, yellow, coral and lime).  White can be replaced in a pinch with any neutral color such as taupe, ecru or even light gray. You can still wear your summer threads as long as you have some fall on your back with darker hues.  Try to add at least a single piece of fall color from top to bottom.  For example, try a plum lip color, a summer tunic top in a neutral shade, gingerly gathered at the waist with a hunter scarf and a chocolate colored sandal to ease into the season with style.

Break out the leather and suede— By introducing just a bit of texture, you can really amp up a ‘still summer’ wardrobe by splashing a few leather or suede pieces to and fro.  Leather boots, bags, and belts, especially in blacks or browns are typically reserved just for the fall/winter season.  You don’t need to go all Catwoman to look the part (best to wait for Halloween for that look!) but try starting small with, perhaps a black leather embellished belt, or perhaps a sleek cross body bag in brown suede with fringe.  You can even throw on a pair of tan leather mules with your (still necessary) flowy maxi dress  The key is to add just touches of these because if you over do it, you defeat the purpose of staying cool.  It’s best to leave that leather jacket hanging in the closet for when the autumn air actually is crisp and cool.

These boots are made for walking– Ok, boots are also made for talking, and talk they will,(in a good way) if you wear them right  You can never go wrong with boots simply because they are so versatile that they can be worn throughout the year but, certain styles are better during certain times of the season.  For early fall, ankle boots work wonders to showcase a transitioning wardrobe.  Try to steer clear of knee boot until at least October due to their awkward chunkiness against the lighter weight fabric of September styles.  A favorite style of mine is the peep-toe ankle bootie.  Some lace up the front, zip up the back or latch around the ankle but whatever your preference, they still have all the perks of a summer shoe with a fall vibe.

Make a statement– To really make the change from summer to fall, be sure to toss in some statement pieces.  I’m not talking so much about the “go-to” accessory for most of us- the infinity scarf or any scarf for that matter, (although it is a good, year-round accessory) I am thinking more along the lines of actual statement pieces in the true hues and textures of fall.  Adding anything metallic will surely spark the fall flame for most of us.  Try adding a hammered metallic bangle to your look or perhaps a pair of chandelier earrings.  Look for purses adorned with tassels or hardware such as chain straps or heavy buckles on handbags.  Bring out the best in your hairstyle by adding pins or headbands with chunky décor.  Anything you can do to add some shine to your look will set you apart from the rest of the summer pack!

Autumn is a great time to enjoy the last days of summer weather but now you can do it in style and comfort!  There’s nothing quite like frolicking through the leaves, or the pumpkin patch while sipping on a pumpkin spice latté to get into the spirit of autumn.  Just don’t wear that Catwoman suit while doing your fall frolicking!