3 Stresses That Affect Kid’s Bodies

Text-Neck2Back to school can bring a new set of stresses for kids. Some are mental, such as new classes, teachers etc., and some are physical. It’s no surprise that a lot of the health problems that we face as adults start when we’re children. I’m going to teach you about three things that can stress your child’s body and how you can prevent them.

Back Pack Strain- Studies show that 30% of kids will report having back pain. A back pack, used properly, is a good way to carry things. The problem is that most of us don’t know how to load or fit a backpack. Here are some tips:

  • The pack should not weigh more than 10% of your child’s body weight when full.
  • Both shoulder straps should be used at all times.
  • The pack straps should be shortened so that the pack sits in the small of the back above the buttocks.

For a video on how to fit a backpack, visit the Choice Chiropractic Facebook page.

Sports Injuries include big traumas like falls or tackles, or repetitive movement traumas that occur with performing the same movements over and over like pitching, kicking, or even dance routines. Repetitive movement traumas are more common and over time can lead to problems like tendonitis, bursitis, or muscle issues. Treating injuries quickly, conservatively and safely leads to the best results. Choosing treatment options that don’t rely on the use of medicines or invasive solutions are safest.

Posture Problems and Pain are on the rise. Most experts relate this to the overuse of electronics like tablets, laptops, cell phones and video games. There’s a term called “text neck” that describes the neck and upper back pain, tension, headaches and wrist/thumb pain that results from overuse of electronics. Parents can help by limiting screen time, teaching kids about how to use good ergonomics, and having a plan in place to help if your child does end up with symptoms.

Chiropractic is a safe and drug-free option that you may want to consider to help raise a healthier family. The earlier you take care of problems the easier they are to treat. To learn more about chiropractic please visit www.choicechiropractic.net or visit the “Parents” section at the webpage for the American Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Ready to see if we can help? Just reach out… We’re here when you need us.


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