Dr. Bridget Chufo

Dr. Bridget Chufo has been coined the “Wise Woman of Weight Loss” for several reasons.  She is one of the few people in the country who actually studied and researched weight loss and obesity from the acclaimed New York and Duke Universities Since 1980, she has helped millions of people throughout the world lose weight and get a handle on their eating.  She uses an approach based on psychology, nutrition and getting to know and appreciate a client’s wants and needs with food and drink according to their lifestyleShe helps her clients break the habits of being themselves regarding what goes into their mouths. She uses quality customized supplements that curtail the appetite, both physically and emotionally, take away cravings from boredom, anxiety, stress, happiness and sadness, make one feel energized, and help shape the body, taking off multiple inches.                                           


A client’s overall health is vastly improved and many decrease or come off their medications. Common disorders or diseases her clients have are typically diabetes, types 1 and 2, high blood pressure, heart conditions, increased weight due to hormonal changes with menopause and many more.  Excess weight is related to certain cancers, such as breast, colon, and ovarian/uterine cancers.  Orthopedic physicians recommend her program to those anticipating hip or knee replacements. The reason for this is to get the weight off the knees and hips as every pound of fat is equal to four times the pressure on the knee and hip.  What that means is 10 extra pounds is really 40 extra pounds of pressure on both the hips and knees, way too much for joints that aren’t designed to carry that much pressure.  Bariatric surgeons recommend her program prior to their surgery because it teaches the person how to eat for the rest of their lives.  It’s a great startup program to give adequate nutrition prior to the surgery and to teach great eating habits for the long term.  General health care practitioners applaud her because it’s normal, everyday eating with regular foods that the entire family can eat.  There is no deprivation.   A lot of foods are eaten on a daily basis.  Exercise can be done according to the individual.  Dr. Chufo believes the only way to keep the weight off forever is to lose it the way you’re going to eat in the future.  No 500calorie diets that are “out there” primarily with the chiropractors’ weight loss plans.  Chufo counsels these clients who tried 500calorie plans and their weight has come back with vengeance. 

 Dr. Chufo generally sees her clients by appointment weekly to promote accountability or communicates with them in a convenient manner if done remotely.  Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does is contagious.  With her clients, she is a motivator, a teacher, a coach, a nutritionist, a counselor and a confidant.  She is there to walk along side anyone who wants to change their lives for the better, no matter what age, gender, social status or time restrictions.  She is there to help the clients along their journey to achieve their goals and enhance their quality of living.  Clients claim their self-esteem is greatly elevated, their self-confidence is tremendously improved, and they walk with their head held high, not to mention fitting into clothes again, moving better, feeling healthier, acting and looking younger, and looking forward to summer vacations and bathing suits. 

 The weight loss program, designed by Dr. Chufo, is simple and basic. Unlimited foods, such as protein and vegetables with some fruits and lots of water to hydrate the body and make one feel full is the customary plan.  It’s a lowsugar program since it’s now known that sugars are where cancers feel very much at home and grow in the body, where Dementia and Alzheimer’s accelerate, and where the body and mind become fatigued and stressed. Sugars also make us crave more and more sugars.  It becomes a vicious cycle and must be stopped.  Sugars are found in SADS…starches, alcohol, dairy and sweets.  These are limited until a portion of the weight is taken off.  Then, they are added back into the eating plan.  Dr. Chufo calculates all of this.  All the client has to do is eat the pizza, without having guilty feelings and enjoy!  Dr. Chufo escapes the 91% failure rate of yoyo dieting by helping one to see that her program is NOT a diet, but a lifestyle change.  She stays with her clients approximately 30 weeks AFTER they lose their weight to give them a 95% chance of never gaining the weight back again. 

 Generally, individuals come into the Wexford office to improve their health, their movement, their relationships, fit into clothes and overall, look and feel better about themselves.  Those with sleep apnea state that their sleeping improves very quickly, and their partners notice a significant decrease in snoring, which leads to both having a good night’s sleep. 

To see if Dr. Chufo’s Weight Loss and Wellness Program is a good fit for you, call 1-800-900-THIN, go to the web, DBC (Dr. Bridget Chufo)dbcweightloss.com and visit Facebook, Dr. Chufosweightlossandwellness.  Visit Facebook every Monday for Motivational Mondays!