Starting the Conversation Is Legalizing Medical Marijuana a Priority?

Hand with marijuana (2)At the printing of this issue, a bill legalizing medical marijuana passed in the Pennsylvania House and was on its way to the Senate. After decades of research, the FDA has proven beyond a doubt that certain medicinal properties of the cannabis plant, when extracted, can have a tremendous positive effect on several disorders including seizures, epilepsy, and autism, among others. The chemical properties of the plant are administered clinically through pills and other pharmaceuticals.

Here’s what I don’t understand: So why is the legislature involved? Why can’t a physician who is qualified make the decision and prescribe as they do with any medication? There are certainly worse drugs available on the market that are infinitely more addictive, laden with opiates, and don’t effectively help anyone in anyway except to mask pain for a time but not cure what is causing the pain.

Personally, I would prefer that the legislature focus on getting drugs like heroin off the streets and out of the schools. Creating programs and awareness to keep kids off drugs and to provide a safe environment in our schools from criminal elements.

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