Sportswear with Flair

By Kelly Smith

The sun is out and summer is close at hand!  It’s safe to say that a good portion of us are at least considering some form of outdoor exercise. What better way to get in shape and welcome the new season than with some new sportswear?  Most of us are probably tired of the long winter workout in the gym.  After all, who wouldn’t prefer the sights and sounds of nature versus the confines of fluorescent lighting and the aroma of sweat?  Whether you’re a runner, a walker, tennis player or yoga enthusiast, you will want to look and feel your best.  New clothes often make us feel better and as such, can have a direct impact on our outlook on working out.  Having a fresh prospective always keeps things on the positive side so why not freshen up that workout wardrobe today?  Here are a few ideas that just may inspire you to get your workout on!

Get a leg up— Leggings are a safe bet for everyone and we all should have several black pair on hand but prints are definitely on fire right now!  Loud leggings are trending in all sorts of crazy prints and bold colors that will be sure to make you want to work out!  Try getting a few in each length such as ankle, knee or calf.  Some of us may be hesitant to slide into a pair of spandex leggings but when styled correctly, they can be very flattering to your derriere and legs.  Always check the material to be sure they will be “fitness friendly” meaning they should be made of moisture wicking material to keep you dry and comfortable.

Tanks, tees, and sports bras—nothing looks cuter than a long tee over a great fitting pair of leggings but do be mindful of fit.  Oversized tops will not only look ill-fitting but they can hinder your workout.  It’s best to buy form (not tight) fitting tanks because you need room to stretch and breath.  Not to mention the fact that if you dress in layers during chilly days, you’ll need to save room for a jacket or hoodie.  A good sports bra, not your everyday bra, should always be worn while doing any kind of workout.  Nothing looks cuter this time of year than dressing up in bright colors and your tees and tanks should never be subjected to the motto of “black is slimming.”  Mesh tunics are hot right now so go ahead- throw a crisp white one over your loudest hot pink tank and let the head turning begin!

Shoes/accessories– spruce up your outfit by adding the latest shoe and accessory trends! Gone are the days of schlepping around in a pair of old tattered tennis shoes. From loud neons to pretty pastels, whatever your favorite brand of sneakers, you’re sure to find a pair with style.   And, the style doesn’t stop at your feet.  Show some flair by trying a pair of knee socks in stripes, solids or polka dots.  Are you constantly readjusting that pony tail?  Why not keep it all in place with a cute headband?  Soft and stretchy, headbands provide practicality with style!  The choices are endless from patterns to sparkles, a good headband is a must-have accessory!

Make your fun-in-the-sun more fashion-forward this summer!  We all know that when we look good we feel better about ourselves.  Motivation is important when starting a good fitness program so keep it positive and keep that wardrobe fun and functional!