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Aug '13 NC web banner-3

After more than a decade of planning, the construction of the new Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School (CWNC) building is well under way in Cranberry Township.  The official naming of the school for Cardinal Wuerl has already taken place and so the current student body of the 2013-2014 term will have the illustrious distinction of being both the first students of the Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School, as well as, the last students to attend the school on Troy Hill.

In addition to the students, many items from the former building are being brought to the new location and are being incorporated into the new building, such as the stained glass windows from the chapel, which were a gift from the students and alumni; the traditional bell in the gymnasium, the Walk of Fame, and the many statues and works of art.

Ms. Kellie Abott has been appointed as Principal and CEO to help lead and coordinate the transition from Troy Hill to Cranberry. Ms. Abbott hails from the University of Notre Dame where she completed her undergraduate education and from The University of Pittsburgh’s School of Leadership where she completed her graduate studies and is currentlyworking on her dissertation. Ms. Abbott has been a High School Administrator for 13 years in the public sector and is looking forward to being able to focus on the students’ spiritual needs and the choices they make in addition to helping the students achieve their academic pursuits and maintain their physical fitness. “We are interested in helping each student become the best they can be and be prepared to attain a successful post-secondary education with a strong ethical belief system.” says Ms. Abbott. “For example, if a student wants to become a lawyer, we want the student become an attorney with a commitment to justice.”

Students interested in attending are invited to apply now through December 6, 2013 for the 2014-2015 inaugural school year at the new CWNC Cranberry Township. The new facility will serve 1000 students at capacity with 250 students in each grade 9-12. Prospective students are advised to apply early.

Ms. Abbott explained the Admissions process as follows:

Once a student sends in the application, he or she will be scheduled for a “Placement Exam”. This is NOT an entrance exam. It is merely to assess a student’s skill level coming out of middle school or transferring from another high school. Placement tests are followed by personal interviews. Accepted students then receive Financial Aid and Scholarship applications. A third-party evaluation firm, separate from the school, determines the family’s financial need and how much of the $9700 tuition for the 2103 – 2014 school year a family should be able to actually afford. No child should be dissuaded from applying because of inability to afford the tuition. Ms. Abbott stresses, “We want the students who want to be a part of this vision and we are working within the school, the Diocese of Pittsburgh and through alumni to make the education available to these students. Many scholarships are available and are not just based on need but there are also scholarships available that are based on merit, citizenship, devotion, recommendations, and academic scores, among others.”

CWNC was founded by The Marianist Society in 1939 and is one of 18 High Schools and three Universities founded by this religious order. Dedicated to service, education has always been an important part of the Marianist mission. The five goals of the Marianist educational mission are:

• Educate for Formation in Faith
• Provide an Integral, Quality Education
• Educate in Family Spirit
• Education for Service, Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation
• Educate for Adaptation and Change

“Religion is not taught; it is communicated. Religion is installed more deeply in the spirits and hearts of the students through the atmosphere that permeates the school than through teaching.” – Blessed William Joesph Chaminade, founder of the Marianist Family in 1817.

To learn more about Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School and to take the first steps to joining the CWNC family that includes such renowned members as General Michael V. Haden former director of the CIA , Dan Rooney, , Dan Onorato, Kevin Colbert the General Manager of the Pittsburgh Steelers and many others, please visit

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