The Josh & Gab Show: An Anti-Bullying Awareness

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By: Paula Green

      There may have been a time in your life when you were ridiculed for some cruel reason.  No matter what the circumstance – bullying is never acceptable!   It is imperative to convey this message, especially to school-aged children who seem most vulnerable.

      Two-Pittsburgh based professional performers –Josh Verbanets and Gab Bonesso–have teamed together to create an unforgettable, live musical bullying awareness program.  The Josh and Gab Show combines special humor, songwriting and personnel experiences in a heartfelt, educational program geared to students in primary and secondary schools.

      “It has been an absolute joy that we fit perfectly with kids and youth.  Our music and comedy is suited exactly to that age when kids develop an absurd sense of humor, but we are still a year or two removed from being concerned about being cool,” Josh said.

    Josh and Gab-2  The popularity of their anti-bullying show has soared.  Their presentation has been showcased at over fifty schools in the Pittsburgh region.  They have even traveled as far as State College.  They estimate that so far this school year, they have reached 10,000 Western Pennsylvania youth.

      Both performers have plenty of experience entertaining audiences.  Gab is a nationally known comedian, writer and performer.  She has toured, appeared on radio and recently was the host of American Eagle’s AEO TV.

      Josh has been a musician and songwriter for a decade.  He is best-known for being a member of the Pittsburgh band Meeting of Important People.

      “Gab and I have been friends for years, and we would open for each other’s shows.  One of our collaboration videos caught the attention of a local school district in the spring 2012.  We were asked to develop a live, musical-comedy anti-bullying show for their students.  We got an incredible response from the performances and started to think seriously about taking our programming to other school around the area.  Gab and I had no idea at the time how big it would be,” said Josh.

       The duo has just finished their debut album – I’m Not a Bully!  It was produced by Jake Hanner, of the band Donora.  The new release is a unique mix of garage-rock, pop and indie-folk music with an anti-bullying theme. 

        “We have songs about why you shouldn’t bully at Kennywood, a song about listening to your mother, and a lullaby for a sick friend.  It’s all high-energy music that we hope people of all-ages enjoy, and we set out to make music unlike any other children’s performers,” Josh said.

          Josh & Gab hope to visit as many communities as possible.  They will have a free CD release show at 1 p.m., 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., May 11.  They will have two appearances at Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival on May 17 and 18 in Oakland.  The two are also slated to perform on Sunday, June 9, at The Three Rivers Art Festival.   For more information on their programming, visit