Retirees Launch Nonprofit to Build Beds for Kids in Need

By: Paula Green At a time in life when most couples are enjoying some well-earned rest or spending lots of time with grandchildren, retirees Ed and Elaine Snyder of Mars, Penna., are spending their days sanding wood, pounding nails, organizing volunteer groups and soliciting donations. The couple recently started the Mars Chapter of the national […]

Facts from the Farm

A Time to Sow

Each year most farm and garden crops get started by putting seeds in seed trays filled with potting soil or even direct sowing out in the farm fields or gardens where seeds will germinate and grow. Soil temperatures and moisture levels are important to get the seeds to germinate. First, having the soil ready to plant and fertilized for the crops’ nutritional benefits to grow and produce a crop to harvest is essential. You may want to mulch with hay or natural grass clippings for moisture retention and/or manage the competing weeds during the growing stages. Then keep scouting for insect and wildlife damages, along with fungus issues. 

Reflecting Upon the Bay of Pigs 

By Paula Green              April 17 will mark the 60th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion. This attempted military coup d’état was not successful, but rather a disastrous operation. The stage was set in January 1959 when Fidel Castro seized power in Cuba with a revolution. Castro was no friend to the United States since he attacked U.S. companies and interests. To further complicate matters, […]

Summer Camps

Shady Side Academy Summer Programs:

After a long year of the kids being cooped up inside staring at screens, parents will be itching to find ways to safely get them out of the house this summer. Look no further than Shady Side Academy, which offers plenty of fun, affordable, in-person summer programs on its three expansive campuses in Fox Chapel! […]


Cover Stories

Agora Cyber Charter School

Offers Continuous Education for PA Students Grade K-12   Agora Cyber Charter School, an online public school established in 2005, has delivered an uninterrupted education to Pennsylvania students grades kindergarten through 12 for the last 16 years. The continuous educational choices begin with kindergarten and extend to graduation from the 12th grade.    Elementary School    Elementary school principal Jansen Hornbake stated, “Agora’s elementary program builds a strong foundation […]

AHN Wexford Hospital Listened and Is Bringing to the Community

“Listening to others’ viewpoints may reveal the one thing needed to complete your goals” – D. Ridgley The community’s voice became Wexford Hospital’s most important building block. Based on how the community has embraced the AHN Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion since its opening in 2014, planners of the new AHN Wexford Hospital knew that […]

Solevo Wellness

By Janice Lane Palko There are many medical marijuana dispensaries in the area, but there is only one like Solevo Wellness. Since 2018 when Solevo became the first medical marijuana dispensary in Allegheny County, it has strived to provide quality care and more for those in the community. Solevo now has grown to three locations: […]

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