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Business Spotlight: Hey Baby! 4D Ultrasound Studio. Let’s Take a Look at You!

3D/4D Imaging of Your Bundle of Joy Through 3D/4D prenatal ultrasound technology, Hey Baby! 4D ultrasound studio offers you a personal and profound look at your baby-in-waiting. Performed in the same

SSA Senior School Art

Shady Side Academy: Explore • Engage • Excel

Shady Side Academy: Explore • Engage • Excel Shady Side Academy is a nationally respected private school for boys and girls in grades pre-kindergarten through 12, with an optional boarding experience in high school.

Gabby Mayer

Gabby Mayer Hosts – Bowling for a Cause

By Mike Doerfler To most, an afternoon of bowling may seem like a good time with friends and family, but for Seneca Valley Senior High School senior Gabby Mayer of Cranberry Twp., bowling means much more. 

M&S_dede on steps

Mover & Shaker of the Month: Dede Rittman Retired Teacher Turned Author

By: Paula Green For 37 years, Dede Rittman immersed herself into a job that she loved.  She was an English and Theater teacher at North Allegheny. When her husband Scott was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer, Dede retired to take care of him in June of 2011.  Sadly, Scott passed away in May of […]

Cover Stories:

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Vincentian Academy is a world-class, highly vibrant, Catholic secondary school and is located conveniently in the heart of the North Hills.  Now in its 83rd year, Vincentian Academy

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Bringing new retail, dining, entertainment, offices, housing and hotels, McCandless Crossing becomes a preferred destination while boosting the local economy McCandless Crossing has been a vision of Perrysville native, Kevin Dougherty, since growing-up here in the North Hills. Located at the cross-roads of McKnight Road and Duncan Avenue, the new McCandless Crossing is a 1.2 […]

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Skating, gliding and enjoying wintertime fun at the MassMutual Pittsburgh Ice Rink at PPG Place has become one of Pittsburgh’s most beloved holiday traditions. 

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Caring for people by day, animals by night, the founders, family and staff of the Vein Institute of Pittsburgh give to both people and pets. On September 26th  and 27th, Dr. Krysinski, founding physician of the Vein Institute of PittsburghSM and Cosmetic Laser CentersSM, along with his wife Kim, son and staff, were lead sponsors […]

Starting the Conversation:

Starting the Conversation: Dress Code

Should Students Dress for Success? Going to private school and being “required” to wear a uniform, for me, was great! No decisions, no competition, no peer pressure for a fashionable anything – just grab and go for all day, jeans and T’s when I got home. Sweet and Simple. Perfect. It was also great for […]

Starting the Conversation

How Do You Put the Fun in Dysfunctional? By Marianne Reid Anderson Do you ever feel like a wishbone during the holidays? People pulling and tugging at you from all sides until you think you are going to split right down the middle? I sure do. On the one hand, I’m so touched and honored […]

nfl tax exempt northern connection magazine

The NFL is Tax-Exempt? Pardon Me?

Starting the Conversation By: Marianne Reid Anderson According to Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, they are. Even though the NFL and other professional sports organizations including the NHL and PGA are not a charitable institutions, these luxury-based businesses enjoy a nonprofit status, and are therefore, tax-exempt.


Starting The Conversation Do You Believe in Ghosts?

By Marianne Reid Anderson Do you wonder what just went bump in the night? Have you ever experienced the unexplainable? Whether its ghostly apparitions, things that move, stairs that creek, the world does seem to be filled with strange and other-worldly phenomenon. Even here in Pittsburgh cemeteries, libraries, lonely-roadways and even our own homes and […]

NC Events:

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 By Rosemary Garrity  Keep those fingers crossed! Can the Pirates not only repeat the great season they had last year…or better yet…surpass it??  That’s what most Pittsburghers are hoping they can do. And why not?  The roster is very strong with players like hometown hero, Neil Walker, Andrew McCutcheon, Pedro Alvarez, and Gerrit Cole, to […]

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PyroFest 2014! America’s Largest and Most Fantastic Fireworks Festival

By Marianne Reid Anderson Appearing on May 24, 2014 at Hartwood Acres, PyroFest is a one-of-akind spectacular fireworks event designed to amaze, thrill and captivate audiences of all ages. On May 24th the sky will become a festival of light and pyrotechnic special effects that are choreographed with split-second timing to a monumental musical score. […]

Fit Families


A New Celiac’s Fight for a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

By:  Joella Baker This will be my first holiday going gluten-free.  I’m actually excited about the naturally gluten-free items that I plan to include in my Thanksgiving.  I love food and I love to eat and I especially love my Thanksgiving favorites. Just because now I’m gluten-free doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy the holiday […]

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Staying Fit when You’re Back in School 

    By:  Joella Baker   Staying active throughout the school year is tough for those kids who don’t participate in organized sports.  Summer is a great time to be out swimming, riding bikes and just being outside.

Exercise and Diet: Myths and Facts to Help You Succeed

By:  Joella Baker I’m always hearing people talk about the different diets they are trying and ways they plan to lose weight, lose it fast and keep it off.    The truth is there is no easy way to do this.   If you really want to lose weight and have it last, it takes the following…

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Need to Get-Away: Visit Garrett County

Neighboring Garrett County, Maryland has been selected by Travel & Leisure as America’s Best Town for Fall Colors. Located only two hours outside of Pittsburgh, Garrett County is the western-most county in Maryland and home to: Deep Creek Lake, the state’s largest freshwater lake Wisp Resort, Maryland’s only ski resort (32 slopes & trails for […]


All That Glimmers Bridal Event

  You and members of your family, friends and wedding partyare cordially invited toPittsburgh’s Premier Wedding Show: All That Glimmers Bridal Event Saturday, March 15th11-3pmVIP starts at 10am Conveniently held at The Grand Room of the new Holy Trinity Center985 Providence Boulevard, Pittsburgh, Pa 15237(at the intersection of Babcock Boulevard and Cumberland Road) VIP Event […]

Spotlight on Business

melody alvarez

Business Spotlight: Hey Baby! 4D Ultrasound Studio. Let’s Take a Look at You!

3D/4D Imaging of Your Bundle of Joy Through 3D/4D prenatal ultrasound technology, Hey Baby! 4D ultrasound studio offers you a personal and profound look at your baby-in-waiting. Performed in the same


Business Spotlight – Nurse Next Door

Doing whatever it takes to bring you peace of mind. The professional caregivers at Nurse Next Door are devoted to helping you or your loved one to stay at home for as long as possible. Every caregiver at Nurse Next Door is hired because they live and breathe to the company’s four core values: To […]

Clover Hill-2

A True Treasure of a Golf Course Celebrating their 25th Anniversary

July Business Spotlight: Clover Hill Golf Course By Marianne Reid Anderson Nestled in Franklin Park at 2200 Reis Run Road is the absolutely idyllic Clover Hill Golf Course. Besides being beautiful and extraordinarily well-kept and well-maintained, this 9-hole course manages to be both fun and challenging without

Health & Wellness

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2014 Healthcare Guide

Innovations in Healthcare By Marianne Reid Anderson Western Pennsylvania and surrounding areas are known for leading the way in innovative healthcare. Treatments, surgeries, procedure, medications and much more continue to improve the lives

Brain Health Across the Lifespan

By Dr. Paul Nussbaum- The human brain is the single most magnificent miracle ever designed in the history of the universe. Weighing two-to-four pounds, composed of nearly 60% fat, and demanding 25% of the blood from each heartbeat, the brain is the origin of our every thought, emotion, and movement.  It reflects our very identity! […]

play 60

Family Fitness with NFL’s PLAY60 Program

By Marianne Reid Anderson If your New Year’s Resolution is to achieve fitness for the whole family, you may want to get involved with the NFL Play 60 program. NFL PLAY 60 is the National Football League’s campaign to encourage kids to be active for 60 minutes a day in order to help reverse the […]

Just A Thought


Just a Thought—Viva la Difference

    By Janice Lane Palko During the Christmas holidays, my husband, 25 and 20-year-old sons and I went to see Les Misérable at the movie theater.  It was the only movie that all four of us had not seen so that’s why we chose it.  While I enjoyed it, I could tell after 10 […]

Janice as kid_72dpi

Just a Thought: A Christmas Collage By Janice Lane Palko

This year I will celebrate my 53rd Christmas, and I guess I have enough years under my belt to wax a little nostalgic on Christmases past.  It has happened gradually, but Christmas has changed a lot over the decades.  When I was growing up in the 60s and 70s, the month of December was a […]


Trivia_Silence of the Lambs

Spook-tacular Trivia – Haunted Tales, Trails & Films with a Pittsburgh Twist

By: Paula Green It’s that time of the year again for haunted legends and bewitching folklore.  The spookiness and intrigue becomes more spine-tingling when the tales are found within our own region.  This month, we’ll explore some supernatural Pittsburgh tales and look at scary movies that were filmed in our area.

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Northern Connection’s 15th Annual Wedding Issue

Feature your business in Northern Connection Magazine’s upcoming WEDDING ISSUE! Email: for ad rates and more information! Space is limited! This issue will also be delivered at the All That Glimmers Bridal Event on March 15th, 2014. At The Grand Room at the Holy Trinity Center in the North Hillshosted byArista Catering and Event Planning!